Moving to Florida as an artist: all you need to know

You have decided on moving to Florida and there is so much to do before you can hit the road. You should research a bit about the place, choose the right neighborhood for you, find adequate movers, and sort out legalities and budget. So, today we will help you with moving to Florida as an artist and prepare you for this journey. Let’s dive right in!

Prepare for the relocation first

No matter where you decide to move one thing is certain. You must find one of the moving companies from New York to Florida, to help you relocate safely and affordably. To find them you must know a bit about the moving industry and search online. Read moving reviews, compare prices, and move services. Narrow your choices down by adding your personal search criteria and soon enough you’ll find a perfect match. Just make sure your movers are licensed with all the tools required for the job.

a person ready for moving to Florida as an artist
Create your relocation plan, find movers, and pack like a pro.

As for your moving preparations, moving to Florida as an artist is not easy. Especially if you are moving alone. And it depends on what kind of artist you are. If you are a musician and you have a piano with you, you must hire piano movers Florida. Or if you are a painter and you have a lot of valuable artwork with you, then you should organize an artwork moving team. And so on. Your moving preparations are quite different than a regular everyday home relocation. Therefore, start preparing everything on time, inspect your belongings, and obtain packing materials in advance.

The best places for moving to Florida as an artist

Moving to Florida as an artist will inspire you and open your mind and your soul. All the sunny beaches and diverse people will bring joy and new stories into your life. But before you settle in and start adapting you should choose one of the best places for artists. We will recommend only a few. Check out the following:

  • Miami.
  • Sarasota.
  • St. Petersburg.

These are a few cities with a bunch of neighborhoods that are perfect for artists. Architecture is amazing, street art is abundant, and people are welcoming for all forms of art from all over the world. Check them out before you make your decision.

Prepare an adequate budget for moving to Florida as an artist

You must have a moving budget prepared for the relocation no matter which neighborhood you choose. Obviously, you will stay within your limits but you should evaluate your costs and crunch your numbers beforehand. Therefore, create your moving checklist and list down all moving-related responsibilities. Draw out all costs and set aside enough to cover the relocation, rent, adaptation, and a bit for the start. Also, you must have enough on the side in case something unexpected happens. Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

a person counting dollars
You must calculate your budget adequately and prepare your savings for the months ahead.

Can you make a living as an artist in Florida?

Sadly, you can barely make a living as an artist in Florida. Yes, you can if you are extremely good and you are already an exalted artist. In that case, you are probably not reading this at all. But if you want to live out of your artistic crafts alone, then you shouldn’t rely on them. You must have a contingency plan. Especially because Florida is not so cheap in the first place.

It is accustomed among Miamians especially to work two jobs to afford the quality of life they deserve. This is not something they are forced upon but something they chose. It is just how Florida is running. So, we advise you to work two jobs. A regular one and have your artistic job on the side. You simply can’t rely on art alone. But again, who are we to tell you what to do. One painting can change the world, so who knows?

You are ready for moving to Florida as an artist. If you prepared as we explained above, you can call the best cross country movers and wrap up your moving plans. Sunny beaches of Florida await!