Moving to Florida after retirement – what to expect

After years of hard-working and raising your family, you finally can retire. Now, you will have time to do all the things you wanted to but didn’t have the time. You can even change the scenario and move to somewhere new and sunny. For this reason, you should consider Florida as your new home after retirement. Florida has many advantages like warm weather, beaches, and rich social life for retirees. It’s no wonder why Florida has the largest number of elderly people than any other state. You will have an active lifestyle and rich social life with people your age. Retirement no longer means staying at home all day and watching television. So, don’t waste any more time and start preparing for your move to Florida. The best place to go when you are moving to Florida after retirement is Cross Country Moving Group 

Why moving to Florida after retirement is so popular?  

Florida is a very popular place for people of all ages and sensibility. For this reason, moving to Florida for retirement could be the best choice you could make. Usually, when you think about Florida, the first things come to mind are beaches, parties, and tourist.

city next to the sea
Florida has many great cities to choose from

However, not many people know that Florida is probably the best place for retirement. You as a retiree can enjoy the following.

  • Sunny days  
  • Sandy beaches  
  • Tax benefits  
  • Active life  
  • Social life  
  • Health care  
  • International airports  

As you can see, you can’t possibly find a better place to spend your retirement days than Florida. You can buy a small apartment somewhere near the beach so every morning you will be greeted by the sound of ocean waves. The items from your kids and grandchildren you can keep in storage Florida until they come to visit you.

What kind of tax benefits Florida has for retirees?  

One of the reasons you should consider moving to Florida is tax benefits. The state of Florida made sure to offer the best living conditions for people in retirement. Florida has achieved this by having many tax benefits like having no state income and pension tax, no taxes on social security, and no inheritance tax or estate tax. For this reason, you will have enough money to live comfortably and to take your grandchildren on different activities.  

Florida is also not only interesting for you but also for your grandkids. You can take them to see Walt Disney World Resort, Florida Theme Parks, sandy beaches, etc. Additionally, Florida has 24 international airports, so your grandkids can come from any part of the world to visit you.  

Disney castle
Your grandkids and extended family will enjoy visiting you in Florida

You can enjoy sunny days almost a whole year  

One of the reasons for moving to Florida after retirement is the great weather. Florida has approximately 230 sunny days in a year and mild winters. Many older people have problems with joint pain which cold weather and rain don’t help. It’s a known fact that sun and walking help with reducing the pain in joints and bones. For this reason, if you have these kinds of medical problems, moving to Florida could be a solution for you.