Moving schools: tips for parents relocating to another state

The process of relocating to another state can be made easier by following some simple steps. It is important to understand how both you and your family could be affected by the move so that you could handle it properly. Moving schools is usually a sensitive topic for children, so it should be handled with special care. Always consider hiring a respectable moving company when relocating to a different state. Cross Country Moving Group is among the best cross country movers, as they specialize in interstate moving. This way you could get proper help and leave more time for interacting with your kids.

Does moving schools have to be difficult?

Relocating schools represents a significant life event for the whole family. As with any other big decision, it is a good idea to prepare yourself and plan ahead. Begin with the basics: make sure to get to know the state you are moving to. This will help both you and your kids adapt to the change. This learning process could be made into a fun, bonding family activity. Ideally, you could plan a visit to the state. If this is not an option, you could talk to somebody who lives there. There are also plenty of reading materials online which can be of great help. If you are interested in moving to Florida, Cross Country Moving Group also has available storage units Florida that could be of use to you.

A man and a woman sitting with their child among a pile of boxes
A positive attitude about the relocation can be of great help for other family members

Taking care of both you and your kids

If you intend to make your kids feel the best they can with the moving process, you need to take steps to calm yourself as well. While big life events can bring inner turmoil to our children’s inner world, we can make a big impact on their moods. This is why it is important to take steps to make yourself feel as good as you possibly can about moving states. So, consider doing what feels best for you, whether it is talking to your loved ones or any other trusted person about the relocation, or writing a journal. Along with that, remember to focus on the big picture and get to the details later. Writing down the important steps of the way will be of tremendous help. Make sure to find dependable and respectable movers if you are moving from California to Florida and need assistance.

a woman and a boy in front of a computer, getting prepared for moving schools
Looking at the future school website and pictures with your children may help them prepare for moving schools

Relocating schools from the child’s perspective

Moving is a process that needs to be understood as both physical and psychological. Parents can help their children a lot just by having the right approach. Kids can become stressed when changing schools for different reasons. For example, they might have more concerns about fitting in with new surroundings and forming new connections. They might be more scared about relocating schools than they are ready to show to others. This is why it is very important to prepare your kids for the moving process as best as you can. It can be helpful to read guides on moving to Florida as they can help both you and your kids.

Adjust your approach

Children react differently when they are under ten years of age and when they are teenagers. While your young child might be more curious or appear shy about relocating schools, your teenage kid might express a more confrontational or sulking attitude. Whatever the case, as a parent, you need to take a step back and observe. Understand where your child is coming from, and try not to take his behavior personally.

For example, teenagers are usually more sensitive to pressure and feel misunderstood more often than not. This is why it might be a good idea to appear open for conversation, but leave the initiative up to them. With younger children, it may be better to simply approach them and ask how they feel. There are no strict rules here, but the general idea is to let your children know you are there for them without pushing their limits.
Also, some children respond better to directness, others to gentleness. Take time to think about your child and what you think would be the best approach. Talk this through with your spouse if possible. Remember – even if your children act like they don’t want to share with you, they still need you.

parents and two kids hugging
Mutual reassurance and understanding are always a top priority

Tips for talking to your kids

  • Prepare yourself – write down a list of things you would like to ask your kids. A simple question such as “How do you feel about moving to another place?” can start the talk.
  • Try not to judge – instead, take a step back and try to understand how they feel and why.
  • Pay attention to what the child says – if you notice something they are particularly worried about, get back to that and ask more questions.
  • Emphasize feelings – children need to know you understand how they feel. This helps them work through their own emotions. Acknowledge their emotions and allow for expression.
  • Look at the positives – help your child to see how the move can benefit everyone. For example, if there were some bad experiences in the previous school, this might be viewed as a new beginning.
  • Moving schools can be an opportunity – mention the possibility of making new friends and learning new and interesting subjects. If the school has a website, you could check it out with your kids.
  • Change doesn’t have to be final – remind your kids that they could always stay in touch with their old friends, and even come back to visit.

Always remember that what your children need most are reassurance and understanding. Everything is easier when shared, and so is a moving experience. Children can go through school relocation easier than we can imagine, but it is important to be with them along the way. Even if your children are very hesitant to change, or are a bit sadder or stressed about it, it doesn’t mean it is going to be like that forever. Who knows, perhaps you might be pleasantly surprised once you get there?

In conclusion

While relocating school might seem like a difficult task to handle, with the right attitude it can be made into a bonding family activity. Parents are more prone to panic when they see their children upset or worried, but this can be seen as an opportunity. The experience of relocating schools can help you to understand each other better and to share your feelings and thoughts more openly. Also, know that your child sees and feels your reaction – if you are at ease with the process, chances are it might bring peace to him as well.

This is why taking care of yourself, as well as moving schools is an important step. Being well informed ahead can make a great difference. You might want to get to know the schooling system in the state of choice and check it out with your kids. Remember that change doesn’t have to be difficult, on the contrary. It can bring forth some growth processes and a fresh perspective as well. Someday, it might even become a nice family story for your kids to tell.