Moving from San Francisco to Tampa

Many would find the move from SF to Tampa to be quite a shift in lifestyle. These are definitely two different cities with different things to offer, so it makes sense. If you plan on moving from San Francisco to Tampa, then you ought to know a thing or two about Tampa and how its particulars will affect the way you’re used to living. To that end, Cross Country Moving Group gives you this great primer on Tampa living for San Fran denizens. Here, you can learn the basics of what to expect when moving to Tampa from San Francisco. Enjoy!

Finding the right movers to help you move to Tampa

Before you make the jump from SF to Tampa, you really need to plan how to make said jump. Namely, you should hire the services of a reputable moving company. To that end, you should do some research on the best interstate movers Florida and California can provide you with. Once you’ve decided on the right company for you, you can really get your cross-country relocation underway.

Now, you may feel tempted to take care of the entire move on your own, with the help of friends and relatives. Only do that if you absolutely have to. You might be sure that you’ll save a ton of money, but you should know that money goes into keeping your things safe and your move quick. When you hire the right long distance movers Tampa or some other town offers, you leave your belongings in the hands of experienced professionals. Rest assured that they’ll know how to handle your move far better than you can.

Tampa skyscrapers as viewed from the ground on a sunny days
You can expect plenty of sunshine in Tampa, too

Population size

One of the first things that people moving from SF to Tampa will feel is the difference in atmosphere. That’s natural since there are inherent differences involved in moving from California to Florida. However, this contrast comes largely from population size. You see, Tampa has a bit under 380,000 people. San Francisco, on the other hand, has well over 850,000 citizens.

Such a large disparity in population has a very noticeable effect on how Tampa feels in comparison to SF. It’s quieter overall (though there are plenty of round-the-clock lively places), the traffic is less severe, and the locals have more of a small-town kind of hospitality. But there’s more. The population density of San Francisco is five times higher than that of Tampa. Not only that, but Tampa’s surface is more than twice as large. Suffice it to say that you’ll feel all that extra room after moving to Tampa from SF.

Moving from San Francisco to Tampa: Tampa skyline
It may not look that way from afar, but Tampa is quite roomier than San Francisco

While moving to Florida, in general, might not feel this way, Tampa is one of the larger towns with this quaint charm. This doesn’t mean that Tampa is a Podunk town by any stretch of the imagination, though. Almost four hundred thousand people is quite a lot for a city, so rest assured that this one is teeming with things to do.

Costs of living

Another pleasant surprise for those moving from San Francisco to Tampa is the money they will likely save on living expenses. They don’t call SF the Golden City, after all: you need to be made out of gold to be living there comfortably. This city has some of the highest costs of living in the United States. Tampa, on the other hand, makes it easier to get by financially.

To get an idea of just how much of a gap in spending there is between these two cities, let’s look at some numbers. You would need 8,288.16$ to live in San Francisco to live more or less the same way that you would with 4,600$ in Tampa. Furthermore, the rent is some 180% higher in SF, while groceries are over 17% more expensive.

Here are some more cool numbers:

  • Consumer prices are 27.09% higher in San Francisco than in Tampa
  • Restaurant prices are 43.99% higher in San Francisco than in Tampa
  • Local purchasing power is 14.72% higher in San Francisco than in Tampa

These are just a few telling stats of many (Numbeo has a great stat page on this topic), but they’re enough to give you a picture of how much you could save if you move from SF to Tampa. It should come as a welcome change to most SF residents.

Yellow trolley
As a cherry on top, you can enjoy these wonderful trolleys endemic of Florida towns

More children and young adults

People moving from San Francisco to Tampa with children will be happy to know that Tampa has a higher percentage of younger people (that being kids and teens). While San Francisco does have a bigger share of adults aged between 25 and 44, Tampa does win at the 0-to-24-year-old category by around 3 percent.

This may not seem like a massive difference when viewed from a vacuum. That said, you should also consider Tampa’s much smaller population, which emphasizes the disparity. You will likely start seeing it yourself after a while, once you’ve settled in your new home.

Perhaps more importantly, your children will probably enjoy more opportunities to socialize when you move to Tampa. With proportionally more kids around, they will be bound to make some friends soon after the relocation.

Moving from San Francisco to Tampa: Wrapup

If you’re looking for a slightly more quiet place with a somewhat younger population, then Tampa will be a welcome breath of fresh air for you. And your wallet will surely appreciate the change of pace, too! Of course, there is much more to both San Francisco and Tampa than what this little guide can show you. However, what you have read here is a good enough start for you.

Again, if you’re moving from San Francisco to Tampa, it’s best to not move on your own. This especially applies to relocation as far away as coast-to-coast. It’s far too risky if you want to do it care-free. Rather, you would be smart to hire a professional company’s services. Movers have the tools and knowhow to get you and your things there safe and sound.