Moving from Orlando to Oakland with elderly parents

Moving from Orlando to Oakland can be a very demanding process. Any moving process is, but it is especially difficult when you are moving with parents or children. In addition, you will need to get used to living in a small town. Orlando is a big city and it is really a huge change when you move to an even bigger city together with your elderly parents. Still, if you want to start a new adventure together with your parents, you made the right choice, and “San Francisco’s Brooklyn” is a perfect place for you. Cross Country Moving Group can help you in the moving process. Oakland is an extremely diverse and very fun place to live in. It has a very rich social life with the most amazing food and wine scene.

First, make a plan for moving from Orlando to Oakland

For most seniors, the moving process sounds a bit complicated. Especially because their last relocation probably happened ages ago. That is why it is totally fine to seek assistance. Like for a regular type of moving, you need to prepare in advance. The organization is the key and that is why you need to plan ahead a lot. Maybe it is also a good idea to have 2 separate checklists. One for moving and the other for downsizing. Downsizing is also very important since you will not be needing so many things at your new place. Make sure to hire a great company that will help you. Let interstate movers Miami take care of everything and you just follow your guideline:

  • hire a team of professionals you can rely on
  • downsize your possessions
  • start packing on time
  • take care of your mental health
creating a plan for moving from Orlando to Oakland
Make sure to organize ahead for your moving plans

Hire a team of professionals for your move from Orlando to Oakland

Hiring a reliable company is very important. When something goes wrong, it is a good idea to have someone capable to fix the issue. It is also a good thing when the company has special services that include moving senior citizens. However, besides those special services, maybe you will need a couple of more. For example, if you have a piano or a car that you need to move separately, it is useful that one company offers all the possibilities.

So, feel free to hire auto transport Florida in case you need to transport your car additionally. Check out all the senior discounts available and make sure to research thoroughly before you choose your suitable relocation package. Moreover, make sure that your company is always available for you for unforeseen events.

Downsize your possessions

You probably have a lot of memories of your old place. There were birthdays, parties, promotions, and finally, there will be a retirement memory too. Still, it does not have to be so melancholic. You can think of it as starting a new chapter and making new memories in this stage of your life. That means, that in order to start from scratch, you will need to throw away a couple of things.

If you’re moving from a large family home to a small apartment, make sure to declutter on time. Things you don’t need, you can donate to Goodwill or any person in need that you know personally. The ones you need you can start categorizing. In case you want to make some extra cash you can also sell them. If the things you don’t need are not useful to anyone at all, feel free to dispose of them.

Goodwill store
Before you move from Orlando to Oakland, make sure to donate unnecessary things to Goodwill

Start packing on time

The packing process is very boring, but it is necessary. Start with the bulkiest things first. For example, sofas, beds, and chairs dressers. This starting with the larger items first is not only about the fact that it is easier to finish if you start with bigger stuff first. It is also due to the fact that they will take up the most space and determine how many other things you can pack with you.

Speaking of larger things, make sure to ship a car from Florida to California to make the process easier for yourself. It is very important not to procrastinate when moving and that is why it is for the best to pack one room at a time. This way of sorting can keep your items organized. In addition, if you also label it, it will be so much easier to unpack later and find everything you need.

Take care of your mental health

Moving from Orlando to Oakland can be difficult a lot. It is also one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have. Imagine then, how moving can be tough for any senior citizen. Anyone can be attached to their old home, but seniors have some kind of special connection to their old place. It is not only a physical connection, but also emotional, and that is why it can hurt a lot.

Some seniors may even experience Relocation Stress Syndrome. The syndrome symptoms are depression, confusion, and anxiety. That is why it is of huge importance that you get plenty of rest. Moreover, you need to be aware of your feelings and stress level. Oakland is known for its multiple Yoga studios, so you can also attend some Yoga lessons that can help you relax.


Senior couple doing yoga
Start doing yoga so that you can have a bit of stress relief from moving


Your moving from Orlando to Oakland can be a bit challenging. Still, if you prepare on time you will not have anything to be afraid of. Make sure to choose the perfect relocation package with great additional services and you can relax and let the company take care of everything. Oakland is a city of opportunities, but it also has its peaceful side. That is what makes it so popular for all age groups.