Moving from Florida to California after a divorce

Moving from Florida to California after divorce can be like a new and fresh start for you. No one wants their marriage to end in divorce but unfortunately, some marriages do. For this reason, moving after the divorce can be a good thing. You will be starting a new, in a new home, city, and completely different state. You might worry about doing such a big move alone, but you can always seek help from Cross Country Moving Group. Additionally, while you are planning a move, you won’t have much time to feel down and sad. Moving out of the state after marriage can get complicated if a child is involved. In most cases, you will need to get custody over the child and the court will have to decide if a move will be beneficial to a child. 

How to prepare when you are moving from Florida to California after a divorce? 

Divorcing from someone you loved and hoped to spend the rest of your life together is not easy. You maybe didn’t get a house at divorce settlement and it hurts a little. However, you still got your car that will come with you to California. Driving from Florida to California so soon after divorce is not a smart choice. It’s a very long journey and you are still in emotional turmoil after a divorce. For this reason, it’s better to travel by plane and relocate your car with auto transport Florida to your new home. 

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It is difficult to go through a divorce

How to prepare

Now that you know how to ship car from Florida to California, it’s time to prepare your other belongings for a move. You need to hire professional movers, gather all needed documents for an interstate move, and get packing supplies like 

  • Moving boxes 
  • Tape 
  • Containers 
  • Bubble wraps 
  • Tape 
  • Marker 

Prepare your belongings for a move 

Every good moving plan should include decluttering. Additionally, you will have a lot of items to declutter after a divorce. You won’t certainty take your ex-partner’s items with you on such a long move. It’s finally time to get rid of all the items you secretly hated for years. You can do this by going through your belongings and decluttering everything old, unused, damaged, or out of fashion. Items that are in good shape, you can either donate or sell. Items that belonged to your ex-partner, you can return or throw away. It’s your choice.  

Preparing for an interstate move can’t be done in a short time. You need to schedule interstate movers Florida at least a month or two in advance. This way, you will have a higher chance of getting the moving date you want. 

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You need to decide what to do with items

Don’t forget to take easy and care for yourself 

Moving from Florida to California after a divorce is a big step to make. You will be starting a new life in an unfamiliar state and city. You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to be immediately happy. Give yourself time to settle in your new home, job, and neighborhood.