Moving from California to Florida guide

Moving from California to Florida under the bright sunshine can be some of your best decisions in life. A change of country means meeting a new culture, accommodating to a new lifestyle. It also means that there is never enough preparation for the move. As always, good organizational skills are necessary, and we are sure that your moving will go smoothly.

Florida panorama
Moving to the sunshine state of Florida is a great decision which you will never regret

Hire a reliable moving company

A reliable moving company is always a must, however, there are many fraudulent movers when moving from California to Florida. Be careful when you hire someone as this is a pretty common moving destination and online scams are very often. You can avoid this by taking the following steps as a precaution:

  • Recommendations – If you have a friend, or a relative, or just an acquaintance who has moved recently from California to Florida, get in touch with them. Ask them about their moving experience and you will not regret it.
  • Moving company reviews – Always check for the reviews of the company you are hiring. They certainly tell a lot about the experience and it will provide you with further insight into the company`s policies
  • Visit their offices – This is one of the best things that you can do before hiring a moving company. You will make sure that they really exist, and you will get the chance to ask everything that you want to know about them and how they work.
  • Compare moving companies` prices – This is an excellent thing to do because you will pay the proper amount of money. If you do not do this, you risk paying higher fees than you normally would. And when moving from California to Florida every penny counts.


It is not easy to pack all of your items in just a couple of days especially when you are making a long distance move. However, if you start on time you will be ready just in time for the move. You should focus on the following:

  • Packing material – Go to the nearest store and buy all the packing material that you need. And remember that you can pick up the majority of the moving boxes in the local grocery store for free. Also, instead of the bubble wrap, you can use linen and towels in order to protect your fragile items.
  • Labeling the boxes – This is the single most important thing that will make moving from California to Florida a lot less easy. You can write the rooms in which the moving boxes will go, all the types of items you have in them, like books, plates, clothes, etc. This will make unpacking seem like a piece of cake.
  • Pack the essentials moving box – This is the box that you will use in the first 72 hours upon your arrival to Florida. Pack your phone and laptop chargers, clothes and documents and you will be all set for the move.
  • Bring only the items that you will need – have a garage sale before you leave California and enter Florida with only the things you need. Get rid of all unused, old, broken things that you have. Donate them, sell them or give them to your friends and relatives.
four boxes labeled kitchen, dishes, bedroom, books with scissors and tape on top of them
Proper packing and labeling of your items is very important when making the move, go step by step and pack just the things you will need

Prepare the documents

Documentation is very important when moving to a new country. When moving from California to Florida, remember to check whether your passport has expired. If it is near the expiration date, make sure to renew it, it will not take you a long time. Do this for your entire family and you will be ready for the move. Also, do not forget your driver`s license.

Do a medical check-up

Although the weather in California and Florida is pretty similar, accommodation to a new culture can be stressful for your body. Go and visit your doctor and do a medical check-up, dental check-up, and optical check-up. In this way, you will check if there are any medications you need to be taking before the move, and you will not have to go to the doctors as soon as you arrive in Florida. It is a great idea to start taking some vitamins before you make the move so that your immunity would not drop down.

Throw a goodbye party

Once you have found quality moving services, packed all of your belongings, done a medical check-up and prepared all of the documents you need, it is time to throw a goodbye party. Say farewell to your friends and family in California, and spend the most amazing time with them. Sum up all of your memories and cherish your life as well as welcome your new life adventure.

three people standing in a group and talking, and two people standing in another group next to a table full of wine and glasses
Moving from California to Florida deserves a farewell party with your friends and family

Moving from California to Florida – advantages

Once you arrive in Florida you will be enjoying the sunny weather just like you did in California. However, there is a huge difference between California and Florida. Namely, in Florida, you will not have to pay for the income tax. This is a huge relief and a burden taken off of your shoulders. So, while you are accommodating to a new lifestyle, this is certainly something that will bring a smile to your face. When moving from California to Florida, you will also find out that the gas is much cheaper here, so you will be able to visit a lot of numerous attractions at a cheaper price. Plus, the Florida highways are one of the best in the country, so you would be enjoying a smooth ride all along. Most importantly, the overall cost of living is significantly lower in Florida. We are absolutely sure that you will enjoy it here, in the sunshine state. Good luck!