Moving from Brooklyn to Miami

If Miami could be summed up in a couple of words, many residents would testify that it is not boring, and therefore the city can become such a popular holiday destination. However, whether permanent moving from Brooklyn to Miami is right for you depends on several factors. In this article, we will go through the most important of them. Each city and surrounding areas offer its residents a special experience, but in the end, you choose exactly what you need. For what reasons do people flock or avoid this area? We examined some of the pros and cons of living in Miami to help you decide if moving here is right for you and your family. So, before you hire one of the moving companies from NY to Florida, check if that is really for you.

Miami skyline
Hopefully, they will help you decide if you should actually move from Brooklyn to Miami

What can you expect after moving from Brooklyn to Miami

1. There are weather-related advantages and disadvantages

For most permanent residents, the benefits of living in Miami outweigh the risks. And there are risks. Keep in mind that each year, Miami residents must keep track of hurricanes and tropical storms from June to November. This hurricane preparedness means storing essential supplies, having escape plans and planning for any worst-case scenario. No doubt life in a hurricane zone can be stressful at times. In addition to the hurricane season, there are other weather-related factors in Miami.

2. There are many apartments in the city center

Moving from Brooklyn to Miami with long distance movers Miami is full of decisions. One of the most important decisions you need to make is whether you rent or buy a house. This decision will largely depend on where you want to live in the county. Tenants flock to most of the city center, and promising newcomers head to areas like Homestead or Miami Shores.

Regardless of whether you rent or buy, Miami continues to face a crisis in affordability, which makes housing prices unaffordable for many families. With an average family home price of $355,000, you will need significant income to be able to purchase it. It is hard to find any inventory at a lower price, and it sells fast.

3. There are many historic quarters

Miami Metro is close enough to several other counties, and if you’re not from here, the differences in suburbs and municipalities can get confused. If Miami is on your radar, you will also benefit from exploring areas such as Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and Palm Beach County.

The best family-friendly places in Miami are not the same places where lonely millennials usually live. Research is especially important because the area you decide to live in will have the greatest impact on your Miami experience. Therefore, analyze the best places to live in the Miami area and see which suits you most.

4. The labor market is not as competitive as in other cities

Unfortunately, the labor market for the average person in Miami is not perfect. There are jobs, but wages are usually not as high as in other major cities. As of 2016, the average household income was $45,900, which is significantly less than the national average of $59,039.

5. You and your children will want to learn Spanish

The Miami-Dade public school system is the fourth largest in the country. That puts some of the Miami suburbs on the list of the best cities for families in Florida. Almost 400 schools enroll more than 340,000 students. It is quite difficult when you think about it. If you have school-age children, a good school may very well determine where you live and how much you will have to pay for housing.

Children in school
But, you will be able to provide your children with the best education after moving from Brooklyn to Miami

So what to consider when choosing a school? Firstly, more than two-thirds of the population speak Spanish in Miami, so you will probably have to learn some in order to get the best experience. Your children are likely to start learning Spanish relatively quickly, but you can help by choosing a school with a highly rated bilingual education program.

6. Traffic in Miami is not fun

Some of the best areas to stay in Miami are driven by traffic patterns. As the area becomes more congested, another area may have a surge in popularity. In general, the massive population growth and location has led to some unfortunate trips to work. That means you will still keep something you are familiar with even after you move from Brooklyn to Miami. Miami’s public transportation may be ideal for tourists, but most residents rely on a car to get around. If you want to avoid traffic, explore the trains, buses, and trolleys that Miami offers.

7. You will either really love the food, or you will be indifferent

You will certainly find food in Miami that you have never tasted before. Because so many different cultures live in different neighborhoods, there are more authentic ethnic restaurants here than you can count. Cubans, Colombians, Haitians, Brazilians, and Puerto Ricans are just some of the ethnic groups represented on the Miami culinary scene.

8. Sports and outdoor activities are plentiful

By all accounts, Miami is a city suitable for fitness, perhaps even to the extreme. Not only people care about their appearance more than in other cities, but exercise and constant activity are what unites many residents.

Miami is surrounded by the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park. There are more than 800 parks within its borders. Parks offer places for mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, walking your dogs and so on. This large number of green spaces is evidence of how much Miami people love to be outdoors when the weather allows it.

9. In Miami, you can do an infinite number of things

If you do not spend time in the fresh air, then most likely, you will be interested in something else. It should be noted that Miami is one of the few places where there is a 24-hour liquor license. There is even a club that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If a party is what you are looking for, you will never be left without it in Miami, because most clubs are open until 5 in the morning. However, not all parties take the form of a club. There are several world-famous festivals and events that take place in Miami every year.

Miami traffic
Just like NYC, Miami is a city that never sleeps

A short guide on moving from Brooklyn to Miami

So, you have decided that you want to move to Miami from Brooklyn. Here are some things that would be wise for you to do:

  • First, make sure you have a moving checklist that makes sense for your specific situation.
  • Make a detailed plan for your relocation from Brooklyn to Miami.
  • Hire a reliable cross country moving company to handle your move.
  • When navigating around Miami, use Google Maps or Waze to move around. These applications are the best to indicate such things as traffic, obstacles on the road and other unforeseen delays on the road.
  • If you are moving to Miami from Brooklyn, you have 30 days to get a driver’s license in Florida, which is not much time. Head to your local DMV and apply within the first few weeks after moving so you don’t forget.