Moving back to Florida after a divorce: how to prepare

The first time after the divorce can be a surprise to us. We can expect the unexpected, to say the least. You might find yourself feeling indifferent, sad, anxious, elated, or even like there was no difference at all. It is important to remember that all these emotions are normal and expected. Your priority is your health and wellbeing. That’s why it is a good idea to rely on someone who can help you. Finding a good, reputable moving company can be one of the best decisions you make. Cross Country Moving Group FL makes your moving back to Florida after a divorce much more easy and stress-free. Our movers have a lot of experience with moving to Florida, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

a redhead woman sitting on a window sims, thinking about moving back to Florida after a divorce
Divorce can bring many unexpected emotions.

Moving back to Florida after a divorce – could it be an enjoyable process?

While moving in itself brings many emotions to the table, doing it after a divorce can bring even more of them. It doesn’t mean that you have to go through inner turmoil though. The right preparation can do wonders for your emotional state. Finding reliable and professional moving companies from New York to Florida is one way of preparing if you are traveling from that direction. But, it is far from the whole picture. A solid preparation means taking care not only about the physical but also about the emotional part of your life. Your process of moving back to Florida after a divorce begins exactly at that point.

Putting yourself first is not always selfish – sometimes it is necessary

If you have been going through difficult times recently, it is important to take care of yourself. Always remember that finding the right kind of movers can upgrade your relocation process immensely. If you need to ship car from Florida to California, you can contact our movers at Cross Country Moving Group. Not only are they skilled with car shipment, but you might also find great storage options.

Of course, a divorce doesn’t have to look like a long, arduous process. It can even be a time of relief for many. If you fall into this category, then focusing on the practical side of moving is going to be your choice of topic. If on the contrary, you do find yourself feeling a bit lost, anxious, or even sad – don’t worry as it too shall pass. There is a lot to take in, and even if you understand it rationally, it takes longer for emotions to settle down.

It is possible that you feel irritated by the thought of talking about it or even going through everything right now. This is a sign that you need some time and it should be respected. This of course does not mean waving goodbye to all your friends who would perhaps like to offer some support – it means respecting your need for retreat and peace.

a woman holding a box for moving and a mover's hand writing down estimates on a paper
Relocating back to Florida after a divorce can be so much easier with the right moving company.

The good news about heading back to Florida after a divorce: you already know what to bring!

Moving back to any location has its benefits. For one, you don’t have to worry about finding the right choice of clothes, items and so on. Being familiar with your destination also means you won’t have to go through a period of adaptation. New surroundings can sometimes bring a feeling of isolation and sadness, and you won’t have to worry about that. You probably already have a favorite cafe to go to or friends you might want to see. Even if it’s not the case, Florida is such a wonderful sunny state that it will bring a smile and a sense of relief. Returninig back to Florida after a divorce can even be a cause for an unexpected beach or nature vacation. So, you only need to focus on the basic packing preparations. Here is a quick reminder:

  • Pack your passport and documentation first – doing this first leaves room for more pleasant activities, as paperwork is often the dullest part of the process. So do yourself a favor and do the heavy things first.
  • Contact your moving company as soon as possible – this is important because moving companies have their schedules, sometimes even full for months. It is therefore advised to do your research on trustworthy moving services Florida and perhaps get a free moving quote while you’re there.
  • Find out what type of packaging you need – whether it be cardboard boxes or plastic or bags.
  • Keep moving and prioritize – don’t let perfection slow you down. Keep packing and get back to the details later.

Remember – you have been through this before. Now is not the time to dwell on the details as you can get back to them later on. The very process of packing and getting ready can make you feel like you are doing yourself a favor. Physically relocating after big changes can be hard, and that’s why you should pat yourself on the back every step of the way.

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Moving to Florida is always sunny – whether it be the weather or your smile!

You are allowed to have fun

There is no reason why your relocation shouldn’t be a fun process. You can invite friends over for a going-away party, for example. Or you could rent out your favorite movies and watch them during breaks. Treat yourself to a spa day or go for a walk from time to time. These activities can bring much-needed relief during your packing. Also, don’t forget to talk to a trusted person if you feel the need to let go of pent-up emotions. This can help you de-stress and be more ready for the next step of the way.

Moving back to Florida after a divorce can be a new chapter in your life

It sounds like a cliché, but it is often true. While moving has its highs and lows, it certainly brings you to a new atmosphere. The beginning is the hardest because you have so much to go through. But in time you might begin to get a new feeling about everything, even yourself. It is much easier to change in new surroundings. And, also on the bright side, there are many wonderful things to do in Florida. It is one of the best states to move to if you are in the need of change or rest. That’s why we are sure moving back to Florida after a divorce will go as smoothly as possible.