Moving advice you would share with your friends

Preparing a move could be very challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Moving is not something you are doing often. Most people move only once or twice in their life. For this reason, getting advice from someone who knows all the steps is priceless. Now, that you went through the process of organizing the move, you could be a great source of information for your friends. As you already spent many hours packing your numerous items and worked with movers, you know what needs and what should be done. For this reason, if a friend asks you for moving advice, you can confidently help them. The first moving advice you would share with your friends would be to hire Cross Country Moving Group for their move.   

Which is the moving advice you would share with your friends?  

The first piece of moving advice to give to your friend who is moving to Florida is to carefully choose a moving date. Then, they should start planning in advance. You already know very well that it’s not the same moving in summer or winter. Summer is the peak season for movers which means you can hardly find an available moving company. However, if you do manage to find one, a moving company usually charges more than in the off-season. For this reason, your advice would be to pick a moving date outside of peak season or to book movers a month or two in advance.  

people looking at the phone
Share with your friends the contact information of your movers

One of the common long-distance relocation problems is to hire movers who don’t have experience or knowledge for this type of relocation. For this reason, you should tell your friends to pay attention to what kind of service a moving company offers before they hire one.   

How to make the process of packing less difficult?  

The hardest part of moving would probably be packing. No one looks forward to spending hours packing and having moving supplies all over the house for weeks. For this reason, your friends should know that inventory and decluttering are two steps that can make their packing much easier. You should advise your friends to do the inventory of all the items they have in their home and storage Florida. This way, they will know what and how many items they own and what they are going to relocate.  

The next step would be to declutter. The really good advice would be to declutter everything that they don’t need, use, are old, or damaged. What your friends are going to do with decluttered items, it’s up to them. However, you can offer them three possibilities.

  • Donate it  
  • Sell it  
  • Throw it   
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Tell your friends to declutter their house

It’s important to get a quality moving supplies  

Investing in quality moving supplies is certainly moving advice you would share with your friends. It’s not a smart decision to get second-hand moving boxes just to save some money. Using already used moving supplies and boxes is like waiting for a disaster to happen. These types of moving boxes don’t offer enough protection for items during the move and items could get damaged. In the end, your friends could end up paying more than the price of quality moving boxes.