How to write a helpful moving review

Moving reviews can be very useful and sometimes deciding factor in choosing a certain moving company to hire. You also probably heavily relied on other people’s moving reviews before you chose your movers and signed a contract with them. For this reason, you should also write a helpful moving review after your relocation. If you had a good experience with Cross Country Moving Group, you should write about that. However, if you had some unpleasant experiences or notice something that you didn’t like, you should also include that in your review. Don’t skip anything whether it is bad or good out of fear that you will offend someone. If you don’t know how to write a review and what a good moving review should have, you came to the right place. Here is what should you include in your moving review and how to write it. 

How to write a helpful moving review after your move? 

There isn’t a specific way how you should write your moving review. However, there are some specific things you should include in your review. For this reason, you should start your review with a description of what kind of service you used. Moving companies often have more than one service to offer such as long-distance move, local move, or shipping cars. If you hired movers to ship a car from Florida to California, you should highlight that in your review. 

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You should write a moving review after your relocation

Writing only that you had a long-distance move is enough but it would be better if you can elaborate more. You should also write if you used storage Florida in addition to the following. 

  • The date of your move 
  • Location of your move 
  • Do not write your address 
  • How much did you spend 
  • The name of the moving company 

You should be very detailed 

When you are writing a moving review, you should be honest, precise, and detailed. This doesn’t mean you should mention what movers did every hour. However, you should point out the type of moving supplies movers used, the time they needed to pack your belongings, and the way movers treated you and your belongings. It’s also good to write when movers arrived at your home and whether they arrived on time. These are all the things to know before hiring a moving company 

Being too positive and writing only good parts is honorable but not helpful. Sure, you can be satisfied with your movers but a review full of praise might look too false. If movers made some mistake, you should also mention that. You should be honest without being rude in your review. 

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Make sure to include both positive and negative points

Where should you leave your review about moving company? 

The usual place to write a helpful moving review is on the site of a moving company. However, this is not the only place where you can leave your comment. Nowadays, there are many groups on social media where people are asking for advice on many things including movers. If you are a member of this kind of group, you can also write your honest opinion there.