How to take advantage of different storage solutions

You are probably like everyone else always looking for more storage. Home storage options are rarely big enough for all belongings. For this reason, it’s no wonder why storage units in Florida are popular options for extra storage that you need. Storage units are also very useful during the move for storing items that you won’t relocate right away. However, there are different types of storage solutions with very different price tags. You should know which storage units exist and how to take advantage of different storage solutions. Sometimes, you might need just a basic storage unit for a reasonable price. There are specific items that require special conditions and then you will have to choose climate-controlled storage units. But before you decide which one is for you, here are the advantages of different types of storage units.  

What are and how to take advantage of different storage solutions?  

When you are moving to Florida and want to rent a storage unit, you first need to decide if you want self-storage or full-service storage. Full-service storage is an easier and better option but also more expensive. The full-service storage facility will pick the items for you, store them, and keep them in good condition. Also, some facilities will make an inventory of your belongings by taking pictures of them.  

Self-storage is the most popular and available storage solution. It gives you the total command of moving, inventorying, and storing your items. Self-storage is a good way to save money when renting storage in Florida. If you don’t mind all the work that comes with transporting and storing items by yourself then this type of service could be a good and affordable solution for you.  

pink storage units
Check all the choices so you can pick the best one

What are the types of storage units?  

After you decide which service you will take, now it’s time to choose the type of storage unit. Before you choose the storage unit, you should take into considerations factors like duration, size, cost, insurance, security, and storage features. Picking the right storage unit is almost important as picking the right movers among moving companies in Florida. You can rent the following.

  • Climate-controlled units  
  • Indoor storage units  
  • Outdoor storage units  
  • Portable storage containers  

Climate-controlled storage units are a good option if you have to store items like fine art, musical instruments, antiques, wood furniture, etc. Also, certain storage units have humidity control. This is important as wooden furniture doesn’t bear well in humidity. For this reason, if you need to store furniture and other items made of wood then you should choose climate-controlled units.  

white storage units
You can benefit from outdoor storage as well

What are the advantages of indoor and outdoor storage units?  

Indoor and outdoor storage units are both located in the storage facility building. However, while indoor storage units don’t have direct access to outside, the outdoors naturally have. The advantage of indoor units is protection from outside weather, more security, and some degree of climate control. The downside is you can’t access the storage with a car directly, so it won’t be convenient if you have a lot of belongings to store. The outdoor storage has easy access by car but worse protection from outside weather. However, every storage units have its benefits and you can take advantage of different storage solutions.