How to ship car from Florida to California

Moving across country can often be very exciting. You are going to a completely new place, unlike nothing you have ever known! There, you will experience a bit of a new culture, taste new meals and make new friends! It’s time for a new leaf in your life! However, some things often tend to remain the same. In this case, you might be moving from Florida to California, for example, with your old things. Usually, since moves tend to get expensive, people decide not to get new items for their home. But then there comes a question of how you will transport your items. That’s why Cross Country Moving Group is here! We offer you helpful moving tips, as well as help in getting the perfect mover. In this article, we give you all you need to know about how to ship car from Florida to California!

a car by the road
Need to move your car from Florida to California, but not in a mood for a road trip?

What are the different types of vehicle carriers?

The first thing to realize is that, in order to ship car from Florida to California, you will most likely need a vehicle carrier. These are the companies that will bring your car from your old home in Florida all away across the country to California. This is a long and exhausting journey, and it will take a couple of days (or weeks) for your car to arrive. But how do they transport these vehicles such a long distance? Well, there are two types of carriers:

  • you can ship car from Florida to California using an open carrier;
  • or you can do it using the services of a closed carrier;
  • you can also talk to a long distance moving company, too.

Ship car from Florida to California via an open carrier

The first method of transporting your car from Florida to California is by using an open carrier. This is probably the most common thing you will see on many roads in the country. Many auto manufacturers will use open carriers when getting new cars to the shops or to the new owners.

These are those truck-like vehicles that transport a number of cars. They are open – thus the name – and can carry up to ten vehicles on them. They are the cheaper option because your car is exposed to the elements when carried this way. However, the carriers can often give you insurance pertaining to other accidents that might happen to your vehicle – so you shouldn’t worry about its safety too much.

The other option is an enclosed carrier

If transporting your car in an open carrier doesn’t suit your fancy, then you can always try an enclosed one. This is a more expensive option because it protects the vehicles from the elements and debris. Usually, you will use it for high-end or classic cars, and you will pay up to 80% more than you would with an open carrier.

A GPS won't be needed when you ship car from Florida to California
Let the professionals take care of moving your car.

If you don’t care about the money, this might be the perfect option for you. However, its price is why the majority of the population uses an open carrier instead. Also, it might be easier to schedule an open carrier, because enclosed ones can be quite rare. So, if you need your car delivered to California quickly, then an enclosed carrier just might not be the thing for you.

Can a moving company ship car from Florida to California?

If you don’t appreciate these carriers, you can always go for a moving company! There are many auto transport companies in our database that we will gladly get you in touch with! What’s good about the companies is that they are usually able to ship anything from a truck to a motorcycle! What’s more, if you are moving to California, then you can only talk to your company about adding an extra vehicle transportation service to their list!

Time to prepare your car for shipping

Once you know who will transport your vehicle, it’s time to prepare it for shipping. Step one will be to wash your car carefully. Moving a car across the country might seem like it will get the car dirty, but it’s important to wash it even before the process. This way, you can thoroughly clean it, and notice if there is anything wrong with the car. After the move, you will know if there are any new scratches and bumps in the car – and you can ask for reimbursement from the insurance you have!

A person washing their car.
Thoroughly wash your car before shipping it away.

While you are doing this, you should also remove all private items from the car. Some vehicle carriers will make this a requirement, while others won’t mind. However, even if they agree to ship car from Florida to California with your personal items inside, they might not claim responsibility if anything goes missing.

Finally, make sure to turn off the alarm. Your shipping company will make sure the car is safe – from their secure storage services to their moving trucks – so you won’t need this in place. What’s more, accidentally activating the alarm will be unpleasant for them – so protect them from the experience. With that (and giving your movers the keys and copies of the car documents), you are ready to go!

Picking up your car after the shipment

After you ship car from Florida to California, all you need to do is pick it up. This can vary depending on who you are working with, you might need to go to a certain location, or just wait for your car to arrive at your doorstep. You will need to sign up some paperwork – like invoice – to confirm the process is over and you paid the company. After that, you can enjoy your car in California!