How to Ship an Upright Piano Across Country

Moving cross country is a task that requires a lot of planning and preparations. You have to pack, transport a lot of things. This gets even more complicated when you want to ship an upright piano across the country. This might sound like a hard task but does not have to be, if you start your preparations early this will be easy. If you make sure you have enough time you will be able to move this bulky yet fragile item. If you lack time to do this on your own consider hiring interstate movers Florida. They can help you with all the tasks related to relocation, which includes moving your piano.

Write down a checklist when you want to ship an upright piano across country

Moving a piano and keeping it in one piece is a complex task. If you skip one step you might ruin your precious piano. This is why you have to stay organized and focused at all times. You can easily do this if you write down a moving checklist. Just take a pen and write down all the things you have to do on a piece of paper. It is that simple. This trick will help you stay organized and remember all the things you have to do. Be sure you start writing your checklist and preparing for the move as early as possible. If you do all the work at the last minute you will have a much harder time.

A checklist, you will need one while you ship an upright piano across country
With a simple checklist, you will not forget any important tasks you need to do while you ship an upright piano

Getting moving supplies

When you want to ship an upright piano across country you need to make sure it stays in one piece. This is why you have to make sure you get enough moving supplies for the job. Be sure you get a lot of cushioning materials for this. Wrap it in the cushioning materials of your choice. You can use many types of wrap for this. But this may cost you. If you have a lot of old clothes or blankets you can use them. They will serve the same function but you will not have to pay for them. The piano is not the only thing that has to stay safe while you move. You need to make sure you are safe too. Lifting a piano with your bare hands and carrying it might hurt your back. Get a dolly instead.

Preparing the piano

Once you have all the supplies you need you can go on and prepare the piano. First, you have to protect the keys and the pedals. Make sure you cover these properly with blankets or old clothes. Be l liberal with cushioning materials. Once you do this tape these so they do not fall off. Now go on and blanket the rest of the piano. Now you need to place the piano on the dolly. Make sure there is a person on each side of the piano. You also need to make sure everyone is lifting properly. They need to lift with their legs, not with their backs.

A piano
You will need to ensure your piano stays safe while in transit by wrapping it properly

Get help from friends

When moving a piano you need to make sure you get help. You cant move a piano on your own. The cheapest way to do this is to get help from friends. You will only have to get some pizza and you are good to go. But with such a low price comes a lot of risks .they do not have the experience they need for this task. This means they will make many more mistakes. If they drop a piano it is game over. The piano is ruined and someone got hurt.

Teamwork, friends can help you ship a upright piano accross cointry
You can get some help from friends while you move a piano

Measure your doors and hallways

While you are moving your piano to the truck you need to make sure you measure it and your entire home. Measure the doors and hallways so you know if the piano can go through them. You need to plan out what route you take to the moving truck. You also have to make sure you clear the way. No one wants to slip on a kid’s toy while you move a piano. Not only will you break the piano, but you will also hurt yourself, and other people. Remember pianos are very heavy and you can get seriously injured if it falls on your foot.

You need to make sure you measure the doors, hallways and plan the route while you move your piano

Get help from trained professionals while you ship an upright piano across  country

Moving a piano across country might sound like a task that is too hard for you and your friends. If you want to ensure your piano is safe and is moved efficiently you should get help from piano movers Florida. These trained professionals have a lot of experience in this field which you and your friends simply can’t match. The best part is the fact that they will get all the supplies for the job. You will not have to get a dolly you never use again. They will obviously provide transport which means one less thing to worry about.

Many people get overwhelmed while they ship an upright piano across country. Well, there is no reason for this. If you start your preparations early and stay focused, calm and avoid moving stress you will easily finish this task. If You are not confident in your abilities you can always hire professional movers. This way you can have a simple relocation without any worries about the safety of your items.