How to reuse packing supplies – tips&tricks

You finally managed to reduce the number of belongings before you move. You are free of debris that has accumulated in your garage and attic. But as soon as you unpack things, you will find yourself covered in packing materials and boxes left from interstate movers Miami. It is wise to decide what to do with the remnants of the packing materials. There are countless ways to reuse packing supplies, and this article will give you some ideas.

Cardboard boxes
It’s better to do it right now than to leave it for later and save unnecessary or unused materials.

So how can you reuse packing supplies?

No matter if you pack yourself or use packing services FL, you will have a lot of packing material after the move. Some creative ideas come to mind a little more naturally than others. But there are interesting options for using your packing materials! Corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, packing peanuts and plastic bags are some of the packing materials that can be creatively reused after your move.

Cardboard boxes

Because the boxes have various shapes and sizes, they can store items from your clothes to your coffee maker. Your post-move boxes can be useful in the following ways:

  • Organized storage. Check your home items that can be collected for storage in a cardboard box. You may not want to throw away magazines and textbooks, but you need a place. Boxes will give you the ability to label and neatly organize your saved items for future use.
  • Tanks for chemical waste. Small or medium boxes can be used as trash bins. Oil and paint cans are known to leave marks on the garage floor. A cardboard box will add an absorption layer and help you organize your chemical cans.
  • Composting at home. Corrugated cardboard is biodegradable waste, so you can turn your cardboard into compost for use on the lawn and garden.
  • Mail packages. Used cardboard boxes are great for sending parcels, especially on holidays. Regardless of whether you send toys to your niece or care package to your son in college, cardboard boxes make reliable and affordable shipping containers.
  • Art and craft. Children often say and do the most terrible things. Making cardboard forts or puzzles will allow children to express their creativity. Art projects are a great way to reuse packing supplies. Small cardboard boxes can also be turned into elegant gift boxes.
  • Profit. Another great way to reuse your packing boxes is to sell them online, at moving centers, or on campuses near your home.

Packing peanuts

The packing peanuts seem to flow endlessly from all corners of the moving box, but for an invaluable purpose. Protection when packing your fragile items is very important, but even packing peanuts have a few more uses.

Packing peanuts
If you want to reuse packing supplies, packing peanuts can also offer you something
  • Pillows. You can insert peanuts in a zipper case and make a soft pillow for you or your pets.
  • Drainage system. You can put peanuts at the base of the flower plot as a drainage system for plants.
  • Interior design. If you have plans to paint the room, you can immerse the packing peanuts in the paint and then apply it on the walls to create a design.
  • Decoration. If you want to make a fun project, spray peanuts with glue and cover them with glitter. You can make a garland to wrap around Christmas trees, holiday wreaths, candles or use as pendant decorations.

How to reuse plastic bubbles when you want to reuse packing supplies

There is just something about plastic bubbles. Seeing it, you can evoke nostalgic memories of when you last played with it. Here are some ways to appreciate bubble pack or rekindle the fun of this fun packing material!

  • Hydration. Bubble pack is usually flexible and waterproof, so it can be used to wrap wet roots or plant stems after moving.
  • Food delivery. The delivery of fruit, pastries and dried meat in bubble pack will provide excellent protection.
  • Play. Popping bubble pack is so much fun that the Japanese company has created an eternal bubble pack toy! You can also create this toy at home. Cut your bubble pack into tiny squares, then insert the rubber band into the hole in the corner.
  • Lining. The bubble pack is easy to cut, making it an excellent lining material for carpets and rugs. It can even be placed under movable plastics such as toys or chairs for added durability.

More creative ways to reuse packing supplies


Boxes, boxes, boxes. After moving, they are scattered almost half in your new home. But do not rush to throw them away, because there are many creative ways to use them for both children and adults. After all, reusing packing materials is one of the most common green moving tips.

  • Cardboard castle – The regular cardboard box can turn into a magical three-foot fort outside or inside, which has windows and doors that children can play and crawl into. There is no better way to broaden your children’s imagination than having them portray complex decorations while they are making a castle out of cardboard.
  • Robot costume – Cut a few holes large enough for the head and arms in a large box, and before you know it, your child has a robot suit that he or she can wear around the house on a rainy day.
  • Gift box – Putting a gift in an individual and decorative box is a great way to say that you really care. Instead of buying wrapping paper or spending money on a gift bag, make a gift box! Using old photos, color tape, and markers, you can personalize the package for family and friends, which they can use for a long time.
  • A set of shelves – One of the most interesting reuses for a box is to turn some cardboard containers into a set of shelves, stacking them on the sides several rows in height. Before building a set of shelves, take some time to decorate the boxes on the outside. Make an eclectic look by decorating each box differently, or use a more even look and paint all the boxes in the same color.
Shelves of boxes
You can later use those shelves however you like

Packing peanuts

Little white nutty foams can be used in fun ways if you just use your imagination. Therefore, the next time you receive a box of foam, do not rush to throw peanuts. Instead, you can make:

  • Necklace – Grease a piece of peanut with colored paint and let it dry. Then measure a piece of yarn around the neck, leaving some room for maneuver to thread the material through the one-inch sewing needle to create a soft, puffy necklace.
  • Sculpture – Imagine you are a Picasso and feed your inner artist by creating a packing peanut sculpture. A little glue and a lot of imagination will surprise you when you build who knows what of the little white foam. After that, show your art on the coffee table for a while.
  • Bean bag chair – If you don’t carry them around your neck, use a peanut bag for comfort and enjoyment by filling the laundry bag with pieces of polystyrene foam and making a bean bag chair. After you stuff it with peanuts, tighten the string for your own fun seat. Make your new piece of furniture more personalized by simply painting on the material and writing your favorite quote or drawing a simple picture. Who would know that you can reuse packing supplies in such a useful way?