How to prepare your musical instruments before moving to Florida

It does not matter if you are a performing artist or simply a huge music fan. When you are moving, you always need to ensure the safety of your musical instruments. After all, you should be able to use them again after your relocation. This is especially important if you like to play music to relieve stress. Organizing relocation and transporting your entire household can be extremely stressful. For this reason, hire the best cross country movers. They will transport your musical instruments safely to your new address. If you wish to participate in your relocation process, then, here is how you should prepare your musical instruments before moving to Florida. 

Hire a good moving company 

First of all, you need to hire a good moving company when you are moving. It can be extremely hard to organize your relocation without any professional help. For this reason, if you’re moving to Florida, you should find long distance movers Florida to help you with your relocation. Movers will have all the necessary packing supplies and moving equipment. Most importantly, they will know how to properly handle your musical instruments.  

assorted instruments on the wall
Hire movers to help you with relocating your musical instruments

Additionally, check their services

In addition to this, when you are hiring a moving company, it is extremely important to ask about their special packing supplies and services. Unfortunately, not every moving company would agree to pack and move your musical instruments. Musical instruments do require special packing supplies. Therefore, you will need to find a moving company that offers those. You can also inquire about storage units in Florida. You might need to store your musical instruments for a certain period of time. 

All the ways to prepare your musical instruments before moving to Florida 

If you need to move your string instruments, first, you need to slightly loosen the strings before packing them. Then, you should use bubble wrapping to protect your instrument before placing them in their cases or boxes. For extra protection, you can also put the original case in one of your moving boxes and fill the empty space with newspaper, blankets, or anything else that you have. 

On the other hand, if you are packing large musical instruments, such as piano, it would be better to hire piano movers Florida. If you want to pack your large instruments by yourself, make sure to use a lot of padding in order to protect them from possible damage. You can use moving covers or moving blankets for this purpose. 

a violin on the floor
Carefully pack your violin when you are moving

What to do with your brass musical instruments? 

When you need to prepare your musical instruments before moving to Florida, you shouldn’t forget about your brass musical instruments.

  • Pack the mouthpiece separately
  •  Wrap the musical instrument properly before carefully placing them inside its own case
  • Use a moving box but make sure to use enough bubble wrapping and fill the empty space inside the box
  • Make sure to label the boxes properly before movers arrive