How to prepare porcelain and fine china for moving cross country

One of the most challenging tasks related to the move is packing fragile items. We need to prepare and pack mentioned items properly in order to survive transport. And when the time for moving with cross country movers come, it can be even more challenging to do what it takes to protect fragile items. While you are packing sensitive electrical appliances, glassware and are trying to figure out if there is a proven way to prepare porcelain and fine china for moving cross country. Unluckily, objects made from these materials are extremely fragile. And one wrong move could cause a disaster. For that reason, today we will share with you tips that will help you properly pack your fine china and porcelain to move them safely to your new address. We did gather tips from professionals who work with items such as porcelain and we will share them with you.

Take enough time and consider what you will need to prepare porcelain and fine china for relocating across the country

If you ask your family members and friends about proven ways to prepare your delicate dishes for the cross-country move, you will probably get different answers. Some of their recommendations are good, but you still are not sure will you make a mistake. For that reason, you will rather take advice from professionals who did these tasks successfully dozen times before. So, if you are moving from California to Florida, our movers will advise you on steps to take when packing your delicate dishes. The first thing that you should remember is to forget about the hurry when you need to prepare porcelain and fine china for moving cross country. Rush will lead you to the risk of damaging your precious porcelain items. Instead of hurrying, take enough time to tackle this task.

A person trying to figure out how to prepare porcelain and fine china for moving cross country
Remember what it takes to prepare porcelain and fine china for moving cross country.

Dealing with numerous tasks that need to be done before the big day is exhausting. From finding quality storage units in Florida to taking care of all paperwork you have to, you will need a lot of time to prepare. And while you are handling these tasks, you are still concerned about the safety of your dishes. So, we will remind you of crucial steps in preparing porcelain and fine china for a long-distance move:

  • prepare to work on a soft surface;
  • use only quality packing materials when packing fragile dishes;
  • wrap and protect each item of the set separately;
  • use cardboard boxes and bubble wrap to pack your porcelain and fine china;
  • pack bowls one into another to ensure their safety and save space.

Gather packing supplies and prepare an area where you will pack your porcelain

One of the most important steps to take before packing is gathering proper packing materials. So, make an inventory list of the items you need to pack and pay attention to your delicate dishes. This will help you figure out what packing materials you will need to pack your precious dishes properly. If you are moving to Florida and packing your dishes for the move for the first time, don’t worry. Although this task is challenging, it is manageable.

Elegant tableware
Consider what packing materials you will need to keep your tableware safe during the move.

Nevertheless, we will remind you of the packing supplies you will need. So, once you are ready to purchase packing supplies from the Amazon website, do not forget:

  • quality cardboard moving boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper
  • packing tape
  • if possible, dish pack

It is time for packing your porcelain and fine china

Now when you have all the needed packing materials, it is time to prepare your fragile dishes for moving cross country. And to avoid any accidents during packing, clean off a work surface for this process. If there is enough room, you could designate a small section for each type of china you will be packing. This extra working area will be ideal for you if you have someone who will help you out. So, before you even start, ask your friends or family members to lend you a helping hand. Take the advice from our residential movers FL, divide tasks and make this process fun by putting some music on. For instance, one person can prepare cardboard boxes, one can wrap, and one can place dishes inside boxes. And all of you could enjoy your favorite songs while packing delicate porcelain and fine china for the move.

White and floral ceramic plates
Don’t rush when packing your expensive dishes.

Although your moving day is near, do not forget to pay special attention to each piece of the set. Even if that sounds unnecessary, you should dedicate the same amount of attention to detail to all of them when packing. So, that means you should wrap every item separately. This way you will make sure that it will go undamaged through your upcoming move from one state to another. Keep in mind all the time porcelain and fine china are very fragile. That means you should do what it takes to protect every single piece of every set you own. Aside from packing supplies you did get, be free to use other materials you have in your home to protect your dishes. For example, use newspapers, small towels, and blankets for extra protection. This way you will wrap your fragile items in several layers and that should be protective enough.

Prepare porcelain and fine china for moving cross country enjoy your precious dishes at your new home

One thing that will usually forget when the time for moving comes is how did we get our items. So, remember that fine china that you own was probably crossed a long way until it gets in your hands. And none of your items aren’t damaged. For thousands of years people transport luxury fragile dishes all across the globe, and you will do this task successfully, too. Although there is no room for mistake, just follow the steps from above and you will prepare porcelain and fine china for moving cross country. We wish you enjoy your undamaged dishes at your new address!