How to prepare meals for moving day

Moving is a process that calls for a good organization. If you are planning to move to another country, it is a good idea to find reliable cross country movers as soon as you can. This can help you destress and work on other moving preparations. Another way that you can help yourself during the move is to prepare meals for moving day. Learning how to do this properly takes little time, but it makes a big difference.

Prepare meals for moving day efficiently

Whether you are the type of person to easily panic or the type to remain calm in most situations, moving day should be thought through. This includes not leaving things for the last minute. For example, if you are moving to Florida, search for available auto transport Florida during the first week of your planning schedule. Timing is important and doing things as soon as you can leave you feeling much calmer. Following through with the plan can make you prepare meals for moving day efficiently, along with many other moving-related activities. Here are some of our tips for making your meal prep quick and easy.

a woman writing on a box and smiling and a man in the background
A good plan can eliminate many moving pitfalls

Write down everything

From the type of groceries you want to buy to the number of days you still have left until your move – try to write it all down. This might seem trivial but it will make you feel much better. Remember that everything is about making the move go smoothly. If you would like to feel in control of the process, making notes along the way will do the job. This rule also goes for anything related to the relocation. It is a good idea to find movers that can give you options. You might want to check out our storage units Florida for storing your belongings since they have a variety of storage options.

Also, when searching for moving services, bear in mind that avoiding moving scams is of great importance. This is why it is good to hire reputable movers such as Cross Country Moving Group. They successfully take on even the hardest of tasks and have great, specialized teams, including piano movers Florida.

Search for easy recipes

Nowadays it is much easier to find easy recipes than it was during the pre-internet times. There are plenty of popular websites dedicated to easy meal preparation, with lots of quick and easy make-ahead recipes. It is good to opt for meals that are easy to make and that use simple store-bought ingredients. If you already have experience with cooking, choose either your favorites or the dishes you have mastered. This will save your time and effort. Also, consider cooking bigger portions, so that you can separate one big meal into a couple of smaller ones. This is much easier than making many different dishes and is convenient when making meals for the whole family.

packaged prepare meals for moving day on a table
Prepare meals for moving day in advance and make room in your moving schedule

Look for good and varied packaging options 

There are many easy ways to package meals. Here is our list of popular options:

  • Tupperware – convenient for almost every meal you could imagine
  • Tinfoil – suitable for sandwiches and tortillas
  • Mason Jars – a modern, fun way to pack oatmeal, salads, soups, or even spaghetti
  • Plastic bottles – good for packing drinks as well as glass bottles
  • Bento boxes – a popular option for packing but also organizing food into smaller compartments.

Some materials are more convenient for moving than others. For example, plastic is usually a better option because there is less possibility of breakage. On the other hand, jars made out of glass can hold water and soups better than plastic containers. It depends on what you need most, and this is entirely up to you and the meals you choose.

Make good use of your freezer 

Freezing meals is a great moving day idea. Not only does it make your preparation process easier, but it also allows for you to be completely free on the day of the move. When opting for freezing meals, there is a wide range of possibilities. The majority of meals can be frozen and so you could easily have your favorite dish on the go. Take your time and prepare meals for moving day that you would enjoy so that you can have that little extra reason to be happy about.

Take meal prep step by step

Moving can often include some unexpected turns. For example, you might feel overwhelmed and forget about packing certain things. Or you might be forced to move in a short time frame, and we all know that food preparation is not fun under those circumstances.  This is why it is important to take care of yourself along with following your plan. Don’t expect perfection and try to have some fun in the process. It is good to break every process into a few smaller steps. You could try by searching for meal prep ideas online, then proceeding to your grocery list, and finally, choosing the right packaging.

a man and a woman eating on a pile of boxes
Moving can be made fun with creative ideas and involving other people

Meal preparation can be fun

Even if you have little time left before the move, you can still have some fun along the way. Prepare meals for your moving day with your family or friends. That way they could try out the different dishes and you might decide together on the winner. Making a list of moving day food ideas and exchanging food-prep ideas can make for a nice occasion. You could also buy reusable containers and imagine how you will decorate your new kitchen with them.

Don’t forget about other options

If you truly are in a hurry, don’t worry – you could always find a prepared meal service online. There are many reliable restaurants nowadays that have this same option, just make sure to find an affordable option. You could pack the meals in suitable containers and freeze them, and again end up with great packing results. On the other hand, if you have extra food leftover from your meal preparation, this might be your chance to donate. If you have a few extra containers, perfect – you could donate these as well or use them to pack leftover food. Wrap everything up and take it to your local shelter or social service of your choice.

You could also use this opportunity to donate your personal belongings that you no longer need. Many people have reported feeling better after donating, so keep in mind that it can make you feel even better about your relocating. Whatever you decide, we are positive that you will prepare meals for moving day with success.