How to prepare for a moving estimate

Anyone who is even remotely involved in moving preparation has heard about moving estimates. However, not many people know what exactly it is and how to prepare for a moving estimate. Additionally, there are three types so that could also be confusing. But, moving estimate is a very important part of any move and its inventible part of working with any moving company. You can also help Cross Country Moving Group when they are making a moving estimate for you. Also, a method used for making moving estimates is very important and it could be over the phone, online, and in-home. You can already see which one is the best. You can get the most accurate moving quote from an in-home estimate. Additionally, the type of moving service, distance, and other things also are the part of moving estimate.  

What can you do to prepare for a moving estimate?  

If you want safe relocation when moving to Florida, your only option is to hire a moving company. However, there are a lot of moving companies and not every one of them is good in their job. One of the ways to find the best moving company for you is by moving estimate. For this reason, you should always ask at least three different moving companies for moving estimates and choose the best one.   

calendar on the desk
Make sure to choose your moving day properly

You should book your in-home estimate at least four weeks before your moving date. The date of your relocation is also very important for the final cost. For this reason, you need to know the tips for choosing the best moving month and what to take into consideration when choosing your moving date. The peak season for moving companies is during summer, so if you can, you should avoid this time of the year.  

What can you do in your home for a moving estimate?  

For an in-home estimate, there are a few things you can do before it. The first step would be to make an inventory of your items and decide what you are going to take. In other words, you will have to declutter your home. Some items that you won’t move right away but don’t want to declutter, you can keep at storage Florida. For other decluttered items, you can do the following.

  • Donate  
  • Gift it  
  • Give it to family  
  • Throw away  

You can donate furniture and clothes that are in good shape to charities like The Mustard Seed. Besides decluttering your items, you should also make an inventory of the items you will take with you.  

sign that says donate here
You can donate all the items you no longer need

See what moving service to use

Moving companies offer various moving services that have different prices. For this reason, you should know what type of moving service you will use before you ask for a moving estimate. Moving companies usually offer packing and unpacking services, storage, furniture disassembly and assembly, and others. For this reason, you should check what kind of service the moving company offers as a step to prepare for a moving estimate.