How to prepare children for moving long-distance

Moving often causes a lot of stress for all family members. You may not see it directly, but your kids can get overwhelmed by the move as well. Parents are trying to catch up with all the documentation and packing, while the children look from afar. Depending on their age, relocation can affect them in different ways. Of course, a toddler wouldn’t react the same as a teenager, but they would react nevertheless. It’s crucial that you prepare children for moving long-distance, no matter how old they are. Moving with kids truly is an adventure! Still, you have to be prepared for it and keep in mind a few crucial things.

Two girls hugging each other
No matter how old they are, relocation affects your children as well. Losing their friends is one of their most common worries.

Starting to prepare kids for a move

If they are old enough to understand the situation, you should definitely consider a serious conversation about the move. Relocating long-distance without your children’s knowledge would cause so much more stress and possibly even trauma. Once they are out of the toddler years and have started school, they have ties to a certain place. Whether it is their school, their teacher or a group of friends, they’ve got something to lose with this relocation. When you talk to them before, it helps prepare children for moving long-distance. A local move wouldn’t be as big of an issue. In that case, they can still see their friends and stay in the same school. A cross-country move affects everyone so much more. Give your kids an opportunity to ask you questions and be involved in the moving process.

Prepare children for moving long-distance by involving them in the process

We understand how hectic a relocation can become. With years of experience, all long distance movers Orlando know what it takes to organize a smooth cross-country relocation. There is a bunch of paperwork and even more moving boxes to pack. However, your kids will handle this change much more easily if you involve them. That doesn’t mean that they have to be everywhere! But, they can help by putting away their toys, for instance. If they are older, give them a few bins and let them pack away their own room. They will appreciate the responsibility as well as the privacy they get.

Talk to them about the new house and the town you are moving to

Involving your children in this relocation doesn’t only have to be in the packing part of it. You can show them pictures of the new house and let them help you decide which furniture to buy. Take them shopping for their new rooms – it will make them excited to move! You can also hop on Google Earth and show them the aerial view of your new neighborhood. A virtual tour of the nearby park or their new school can help prepare children for moving long-distance. Since it’s not always possible to go and visit, rely on great technology! You can also make plans to visit nearby attractions. such as a cool water park or a National park if there is one nearby. Focusing on the positive aspect of the move is your key to getting the little ones prepared!

Close up of a girl writing in a notebook
Have your kids design their new rooms – it will make them even more excited about the move!

Start to prepare children for moving long-distance on time

The sooner you start, the better. Your children will then have enough time to adapt to these changes. They might not like it at first, but they can see the positive sides of it after a little while. Also, there are a bunch of things you need to take care of when moving with kids. When you give your long distance movers Miami a call, the relocation process begins. However, even before that, there are tasks that you need to do. Here are a few examples:

  • Enroll them in the new school. In a way, the school that you choose for your kids will also influence your neighborhood choice!
  • Obtain their previous school records and transcripts.
  • Get their medical records and birth certificates. After this, pick a reliable doctor’s office which is fairly close to your new home.

Make sure you’re prepared for the road trip as well.

Long-distance moves usually include a long drive as well. There are a few people who choose to fly out to their destination, especially if that is the only option. International relocations are an entirely different story! However, people who are relocating cross-country typically choose to drive out. When you’re traveling a long way with children, it’s important to be prepared. With infants and toddlers, get their favorite toys and movies ready. Plenty of snacks and water are also necessary since you won’t always have to option to stop and buy some. A great tip we’ve heard from many parents is to have at least one or two portable chargers on you! Your teenagers will likely spend a lot of time on their phones or tablets. So, it’s a good idea to have something they can charge them while in the car.

person driving a car with a phone attached to a holder
Portable chargers will make your road trip with children so much easier.

It doesn’t have to be hard to prepare children for moving long-distance

We know it can seem quite intimidating. But, as we already explained, relocating with kids doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge. When you properly prepare children for moving long-distance, then you’ve got nothing to worry about! It’s like a road trip, with a more permanent destination. When they know what’s about to happen, you can get excited as a family for this relocation! It’s an entirely new chapter in life for all of you, and there is no reason to see it as a burden. Get ready, and let’s get moving!