How to prepare a floor plan for the movers

There are many tasks for you before the move day comes by. Some of them are more and others less important. When you make a moving plan you should also prepare a floor plan for the movers. You can’t wait till the day you are supposed to be moving from California to Florida and assume they can do without it. In order to have a faster more organized move, a floor plan plays a big role. From directing the movers, and better packing process to unpacking. Here is how you should prepare a floor plan for the movers.

Where will your furniture go?

When you prepare a floor plan for the movers, start with furniture. Furniture takes up most of the space and in some cases is hard to rotate and move alone. If they put it in the wrong room or place you will have to move it later by yourself.  Print out a plan for your new home. Try to imagine how your furniture will look in various rooms and places. This way even before Florida movers arrive you will know what goes where, and what furniture you will not bring with you. When you find some furniture that no longer fits in your new home aesthetics or is too old or damaged, you can sell it or donate it. There are many places and people that are less fortunate than you. Your little can be a lot for them, for example, The Furniture Bank is a nice place for your old furniture.

Making a floor plan for the movers
Make sure to ask your movers for opinions on the floor plan. They are professionals in this field and will give you the best tips.

Measure everything

In order to make sure everything will fit in your new home, you need to measure everything. When you prepare a floor plan for the moves make sure you have everything measured and written down. This is the best way to prevent any mistakes. If you don’t measure and end up putting some of the furniture, paintings, and decor in one room it can end up being more than the available space. If that happens long distance movers Tampa can be caught in a mess and the moving will become complicated. Also, note down where all the light switches, electrical outlets, heating vents, and ceiling lights are located.

Don’t forget other items

As we stated earlier when you prepare a floor plan furniture is the biggest part of it. As it takes the most space and can at times be quite heavy and hard to rotate. But don’t forget other items as well. You may have some decorations, rugs, and items that need to be placed in specific rooms. In order to know what goes where when packing label everything. Also, make sure that you tell your long distance movers Florida where the fragile items are and to pay special attention to them. Make sure the room they will go into will have enough space. If the space should be made you can put them in storage.

Living room after moving
A floor plan for the movers makes their job easier. They will know what to put in which room without having to move the same heavy furniture multiple times.

Is it hard to make a map?

Does preparing your floor plan sound like a tough job? Well, it’s not. There are even some online sites that can do this work for you. They offer you many choices of walls, furniture, and decor as well as doors and windows. In no time you can make an exact replica of your new home. But if you decide to do it yourself, you can always grab a pen and paper as well as the measuring tape. Start by measuring the walls and doors and windows. For more accurate measurements make sure that you measure closer to the floor.   

  •  Scale your measurements so they fit accurately on your paper. Use two squares on graph paper to represent ½ an inch. These two squares will be one foot in the room.
  • Divide each room measurement by 2. This will show you how many squares per measurement.
  • The same scale works for the furniture as well.
  • Cut the right-sized shapes from colored paper. They will represent your furniture. And you can move the pieces within the floor plan around to see where things will fit best.

Why is it good to have a floor plan?

Not only will it be a big help with your moving process. But a good floor plan can also be a lot of help in other departments as well. For example, it’s a nice and easy way to decide on your wall colors. Also, it can help you estimate your moving costs. Usually, the cost is dependent on the number of items being moved and the number of rooms. Also, an important factor is if there is anything that makes the move harder like for example stairs or elevators. Using your floor plan helps to calculate the costs. What you need to note down is the following.

  1. Square footage
  2. Number of rooms
  3. How many larger and heavier furniture, decor, and appliances need to be moved
  4. The number of floors as well as the number of staircases
A man making a floor plan on a laptop
In this day and age, everything is accessible with the help of the internet. And so are some sites where you can make a floor plan for free.

Old home floor plan

Also, prepare a floor plan for your old home as well. If it’s on the market you can improve your real estate listing substantially, just by adding it. Some studies show that adding a floor plan can help you greatly when marketing your home. If it’s posted online studies show that more people look through and click on properties that include a floor plan. 

When moving to prepare a floor plan is the same as making a game plan before a big game. It will make the mover’s job easier. Not only that but a faster move will help you and your family a lot more than you think. You will have more time to settle in your new home.