How to pack fine china for a move

Packing is one of the longest processes when relocating. Additionally, this process will determine how well you protect your items and prepare them for transport. On such occasions, precision and attention to detail are very important. If you are unsure of how to properly pack your items you can always rely on moving companies in Florida to aid you with services regarding relocation in general. However, if you are willing to pack fine china for a move, we will guide you through the process. Moreover, make sure you devote enough time to safely pack each item. If you do not, they will likely suffer damage during the relocation process, which can induce high levels of stress.

What to do when you pack fine china for a move?

Fine china is more than something of monetary value. These items have probably been passed down by generations and are a form of collectible. On special occasions, like weddings, people will often give them as a present. So, it makes sense that people want to protect it.

a married couple using buble wrap to pack dishes as something one should use to pack fine china for a move
Packing fine china needs to be done carefully and with utmost attention

However, packing fine china will require time, patience, attention, and focus. Moreover, if you are wondering when to pack them and which packing order to follow – try and pack them as soon as possible. This way you will ensure they are safe and ready for the move. Without further ado, let us discuss how you should approach the process of these delicate items.

Prepare everything you need to pack the items safely

Firstly you will need to prepare an area in which you want to work on packing these items. Make sure you have enough room to both pack the items and set them aside. Fine china is quite fragile and the slightest damage can ruin its state, so make sure you pack it on some soft material that will not damage it. Additionally, acquire adequate packing materials such as:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard boxes

Make sure those items are always by your side so you can maximize efficiency. However, do not rush as every mistake you make might cost you highly. Broken or damaged items can cause stress as well as monetary losses.

Wrap each item individually

Next, use packing paper to wrap each item separately. This will prevent any scuff or breakage while you or the moving company handle and transport the boxes. Make sure each side of the china is wrapped in paper. Moreover, you can use packing tape to ensure that the dish remains protected. A good way to keep track of your items while packing is to create a checklist. Later, when you arrive, you can check your checklist to ensure all items are accounted for.

a woman using bubble wrap to pack plates in the kitchen
Make sure that each item has enough protective materials to ensure their safety during transport

Avoid skipping the individual wrapping process and packing a couple of dishes together. This could damage all of the items you packed together. When you pack fine china for a move, you have to do it individually.

Dedicate a box to each type of item when you pack fine china for a move

Instead of packing all of your items in one box, separate them. Use differently sized boxes for different parts of the fine china. For instance, smaller and bigger plates in one box and drinkware in another. If you have any bowls to pack, make sure you stack them nicely with enough protective material in-between each layer.  This will ensure that the items are safe and that they will not tumble around the vehicle. Additionally, it is advisable that you label the boxes fragile and write down which item is in which box before long distance movers Florida arrive. This way, they will know which boxes require special handling and attention and where to put them.

Additional protection tips

Packing your items safely is a good start in ensuring their condition during the relocation process. However, there are other things you can do to ensure that they are safe. If you are doing this by yourself and are not sure if you are doing it properly – here are some things you can do to ensure that the items are protected. Adding another layer of protective materials is always advisable.

Place protective layers all around the boxes

Utilize the rest of the packing supplies you have to ensure the safety of your items. Before you place the china inside the box, make sure you soften the bottom of it. You can use packing peanuts or even packing paper in layers to ensure that the bottom of the box is soft. After that, place a sheet of packing paper or soft material in between each layer of china you have as you are packing them into the box. Additionally, you can also place protective materials on the inner sides of the box in case the box tumbles in transport. This will prevent or minimalize the shock damage that might occur while in transport.

Reinforce the box with packing tape

Items like fine china can get really heavy if there is a lot of them. If you are not willing to risk it, use the packing tape to reinforce the moving boxes you have. This will tighten the box, making it more durable. If you want to strengthen your cardboard box make sure you tape the joints and edges of it good.

a man putting tape across the cardboard box to reinforce it
Taping around your cardboard box ensures the stability and endurance of the box

Many times people make the mistake of misjudging the strength of their moving box which results in broken and damaged items. This can induce high levels of stress and ruin the whole moving process. When you pack fine china for a move you have to think about each aspect of the packing process to ensure that the items are safe.