How to pack an essential box for moving

One of the things that people dislike the most about relocation is the packing part of it. It is so long and so tedious at times! And just when you think that you’ve packed everything, you see one more drawer or shelf that you haven’t packed. We don’t want to scare you, but the unpacking process is sometimes just as bad. However, when you pack an essential box, you can make this entire process much more simple.  If you don’t know what an essential moving box is, read on! We’re not only going to explain to you what it is, but we will also prove how useful it can be. Trust your local Florida movers, because they’ve got the best relocation tips there are!

Woman sitting next to a red suitcase
Much like you pack lightly for a short trip, this essential box will have all you need for the first few days in the new house.

What is this essential box that everyone keeps talking about?

It is just what its name says – a box full of essential items. However, do not mistake with another very important box. Many people tend to put most of their important documents and valuables in one box when relocating. That is why, at first, rookies believe that this essentials box is. Actually, it is a box filled with essential items that you may end up using during your first few nights at the new house. This kit will relieve you of many worries and can come in handy in unexpected moving situations! That is why many interstate movers recommend having one at hand. In case something happens on the way, this box will act as your safety net.

Why should you pack an essential box when relocating?

Well, imagine the following scenario. You get to your new house, everyone is very excited and the movers left, having dropped off all your belongings and boxes in one place. Now what? You are probably exhausted from the trip, but also relieved that you have finally reached your destination. Your family has been dreaming about this moment for months, but, all of a sudden, it doesn’t seem so magical. Why is that? Because now everyone wants to go to bed and relax, but can’t find a single thing they need! That is why you should pack an essential box when moving. In it, there will be items you know that you will need for sure.

Man struggling to carry a lot of cardboard boxes
Don’t look like this on your first day in the new house! Instead, have one box with crucial items and slowly unpack the rest, without the added stress.

How to begin packing this box at all?

Now we come to the interesting (and also the most useful!) portion of our article. That is, we will talk about what to include and how to pack an essential box when moving. First of all, we have to mention that each box will differ based on your own particular needs. For instance, some families prefer to pack one essential box per person. Then, when they reach their house, everyone has their own box or a suitcase with the items they will need in the next few days. Others like to pack an essential box per room. That means that there is at least one box per room with all the first-aid necessities. Either way, you have to assess first what your needs are before you begin packing. 

Tip: don’t wait until the end to pack an essential box.

When you begin the moving process, you have to decide one thing. That is, whether you want to pack by yourself or hire the best packing services Florida. Either way, you should know beforehand whether you want to pack an essential box or not. If you’ve got movers who are helping you out, they will need to know as well. The most useful tip we can provide you with right now is this. Do not pack everything away and then sort out the items for the essential box! This will make it so much harder. Instead, while packing the rest of the belongings, when you spot something that you will need right away, put it in the labeled essential box. Then, your movers will know as well that they need to ask you what goes in there and what doesn’t.

Two cats in a cardboard box looking at the camera
Make sure there aren’t any cat burglars in your house who might remove some of the items you packed in the essentials box!

An example of one of the boxes you can pack

Do you know what is the most used room in the house? And no, it is not the bathroom. It is the kitchen! More often than not, a kitchen is a central space in your home where the entire family gathers a few times a day. Usually, it is also a room that has the most items that need packing and sorting! If you decide to go the way of packing an essential box per each room, here are some of the items that might appear on your list:

  • Paper plates (or ceramic ones, but they will make the box heavy)
  • A set of kitchen utensils for each family member (or a box of plastic ones)
  • Some dish soap and a cloth (or dishwasher liquid if you’ve got one)
  • A couple of glasses and mugs (or plastic ones)
  • A knife and a pair of scissors (after all, you will need something to open the other boxes with!)
  • Canned or easy-to-make food 
  • Pet food for your furry friends

If you decide to pack an essential box before your move, consult with your movers too!

There’s no one better to give out moving advice than experts in that field! As a company that has been in this industry for years, we know all the tips and tricks to make relocation easy and simple for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than happy to work with you on this exciting moving adventure!