How to organize a long-distance move

Preparing for relocation is always a stressful event. You must organize a long-distance move, covering all the steps necessary for the successful outcome. You should pack, declutter, cover legalities, and find long distance movers Florida that will transport your cargo. All those steps require time and money, and today, we will show you the most efficient way to do it. Let’s plan together.

Figure out your moving costs so you can organize a long-distance move easier

You should always start with a budget. Figure out how much money you can spend on your moving endeavor. Start assembling a moving checklist with all steps and costs tied to your moving project. Once you figured how much it will cost, set a moving date, and move forward. Once you know the date and the cost, you should be able to make adjustments according to your budget and the time you can invest. Therefore, start examining the tasks ahead in order to realize where you can save your resources.

Realize your moving costs so you can organize a long-distance move better
Calculate your moving costs and prepare a moving budget accordingly.

For example, decluttering before the move can save a lot of time and money. It is the best time to do it, and by removing some of the old and unused items, you’ll make your mover quicker and easier. Not to mention that you’ll refresh your household and make more space for new items you desire to purchase for some time now. Also, you can pack yourself, prepare your furniture for the move, clean, and even transport some precious items yourself. Anything you do before your movers arrive will reduce the hours spent, and it will make your budget healthier.

Prepare to organize a long-distance move by thoroughly researching the moving industry

We will assume you are already informed about the basic stuff. But if you are researching movers yourself, know that the best place to find them is to browse the internet. You are the one who knows which traits you want your movers to have. But you’ll find many more suggestions while looking for a moving team. But some basic parameters are already set by the moving community. Your movers should be experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, and to have all the means to perform. Guided by this, make a search, find your personal top 5 and give them a closer look.

Do not choose the first company you find. It is a common mistake people make when they are unable to commit to the research. Therefore, sit down and browse for a couple of hours. Eventually, you’ll find a match. Then simply give them a call and communicate the details further. But here we will try to save your precious time by recommending long distance movers Tampa as the ultimate moving solution. If you are looking for moving experts with thousands of moves performed successfully, this is the place to go. It is extremely important to place all your belongings in the hands of a trusted moving company, and we can vouch that this one is.

Put on your investigating hat

To organize a long-distance move successfully and to be sure that your choices are good, take a closer look at your movers. Perform an extensive check just to be sure that you are avoiding moving scams. There are thousands of moving companies out there. But not all are legit. Some elevate the moving price while others present the hidden cost in the end. You do not want to pay more than anticipated or to have an unpleasant moving experience in any way. Therefore, ask the right questions when you contact your movers. Firstly, be sure to prepare yourself by obtaining all the relevant info.

Find previous customer experience and reviews. Make sure that your choice is a good one.

Check if your movers have an official website with the logo of the company. A physical address, contact phone, and the moving service you desire. Then, you should read moving reviews and obtain references if possible. Also, check if your movers are members of the International Movers Association. After obtaining all the info, contact your movers and ask away. You want to know the prices of their services and if they have all the permits and licenses to operate. Also, if they have enough manpower, tools, and equipment for the job. Those are the traits of reliable movers and the more you ask, the more you get. This way you’ll rest assured that your moving company is reliable and legit.

How to pack flawlessly

You can’t pack adequately before you create a packing plan. To work out the packing logistics you must visit all areas of your home to figure out how much stuff you have. Also, you’ll know in which order to pack and how much packing materials you need. But to make it all easier, here is the list of essential packing materials you should obtain:

  • Moving boxes – The most essential moving supply. You will need around 20 or even more. Depending on the size of your move. Buy them online or via a moving company. And be sure to obtain different shapes and sizes to cover all your packing situations.
  • Wrapping paper – Used to wrap your items individually and protect them from scratches and bumps. But keep in mind you can use items in your home as a substitution. For example, old shirts, sheets, rags, blankets, etc.
  • Blister pack – Blister pack or a bubble-wrap is the best protection there is. You can make nesting for your box, wrap items, and cover the whole batch in the end. Use it as you like.
  • Labels and packing tape – Buy a proper packing tape to hold your boxes together. Apply several layers to be sure that your boxes won’t fall apart. Once you are done, label your boxes with the content inside. It will help your movers know if the box contains fragile items, and it will be beneficial for you while on the unpacking process.

Do not neglect the power of a free moving estimate

Once you figured out which movers will relocate your stuff, ask for a free onsite estimate. It is a powerful tool to obtain more valuable insight into your moving project. A moving representative will inspect the environment and your cargo. By doing this they will know if you need any additional moving services Florida that will make your move easier.

On the other hand, by obtaining this valuable info, you can prepare your move better. You can figure out if a certain service is needed, or if you can avoid some of it and keep your money. For example, you’ll know if you can transport everything in one truck. Also, if you should find one of the storage units in Florida to keep a portion of your cargo for later use. It will make your cargo lighter and much easier to pack which leads to fewer workers needed and fewer hours spent. Keep in mind that movers charge by the hour. Therefore, whatever you do after the free onsite estimates will reduce the overall moving cost. One thing is certain, it will help you organize a long-distance move much better.

Cover personal documents and legal papers on time

You must think about the legal aspect of your relocation. Take a moment and list down all the documents and services you must carry over. Contact all relevant parties to update your new address and contact phone. Then visit your kid’s school, your doctor, mobile and internet provider, your bank, etc. Make sure that all your bills, utilities, and taxes are re-routed to your new address. And of course, carry over your medical records and all other personal documents. Do this part on time since some of the documentation takes more time to process.

Find out which documents you can transfer online and which ones you must transfer personally.

There we go, now you are able to organize a long-distance move much better. There is no doubt that your relocation will be a pleasant and successful one. Remember to keep calm and relaxed, and to take some time to prepare everything upfront before you act. We wish you the best of luck!