How to move with a newborn during the winter

First of all, let us begin by congratulating you on your newborn baby! And kudos to you if you’re planning on moving with your infant this winter. We know that winter moving is never a walk in the park, and especially not with a baby by your side. Because it can be very tricky to deal with the challenges of winter relocation all the while taking care of a newborn child, we want to offer some help. In the hopes of making this experience easier and at least a little less stressful for you, today we’re sharing some advice. We’ll tell you the key things that will help you move with a newborn during the winter safely. We’ll cover everything from how to take care of your child to hiring moving companies in Florida and preparing for the winter relocation. So, stick around.

Don’t break your routines when moving with a baby during the winter

Even if you might be new at the whole parenting thing, you’ve probably already realized that babies require a routine. And they’re not the only ones, you also need certain routines. Well, if you want to make moving with a newborn during the winter more bearable, we advise you to stick to your established routines.

A baby sleeping with a teddy bear
Don’t disrupt your baby’s sleeping schedule while moving – it will only cause you more stress.

If your baby is used to going to sleep at a certain time, don’t disrupt that schedule because of the move. Breaking routines will only lead to additional chaos and stress, which you don’t need. So, instead of spending the entire night packing, it’s better to start packing a few weeks before the moving day and take your time. You can pack while you’re baby is napping, for example.

Pack a baby bag for moving day

The dreaded scenario: leaving your house with a newborn. It includes packing practically all the baby stuff you own and taking it all with you. Well, this is one of those scenarios. Packing a baby bag means filling a bag with all the baby essentials you’ll need for the first few days in your home. This includes diapers, pacifiers, baby food, changes of clothes, etc.

Because the first two or three days in the new house might be chaotic, you’ll want to have these essentials on hand. You don’t want to have to rummage through all the boxes to find your baby’s favorite toy, do you? Packing this bag and keeping it close will be extremely helpful when moving with a baby in the winter.

Get some help

A brown crib in a nursery
When you’re packing the nursery, separate the everyday essentials into a special bag.

Enlist a trusted babysitter on moving day

Moving day is known as a pretty nerve-wracking day. Well, there’s no need for your baby to experience that stress just yet. If you can, it would be good to keep your child away from all the mess. If you have a babysitter you trust or a family member who can help, you might want to give them a call before your move with a newborn during the winterThat way, your baby will be in safe hands and properly taken care of while you’re dealing with your long distance movers Florida. You’ll be able to focus on the move and your baby will have a stress-free day.

Hire movers to make moving with an infant during the winter easier to survive

When you’re moving with an infant during the winter, you’re dealing with two challenging moving scenarios. Neither the baby nor the winter is making this relocation any easier. Therefore, you’re going to want all the help you can get. Luckily, you can always count on the help of professional apartment movers in Florida.

Moving companies are here to make your relocation as easy as it can be. They have teams of experienced moving specialists who know how to safely execute the move. They can move everything from your books to your fine art, instruments, and furniture. So, when you count on them to handle your relocation, a huge weight is being lifted off your shoulders. They can even help you properly move your household despite the bad weather conditions. So, we suggest finding some movers ASAP.

A professional mover taking notes and making sure to help you move with a newborn during the winter
Hiring the pros to help you is something you definitely won’t regret when planning a move with a newborn during the winter.

Have your car checked out and prepared for the winter

When you’re moving in the winter, you need to know your car is prepared and safe for moving day. Add moving with a newborn baby into the mix, and servicing and checking out your car becomes even more important. You need to know your vehicle is fully ready for the move, no matter the weather outside. This is important for the safety of your entire family. So, before moving day rolls around, you should get winter tires and equipment, check if everything is functioning properly, make sure you have a car seat for the baby. Also, double-check that the heating is working to make sure you and your baby don’t freeze during the drive.

Transfer your utilities before you move with a newborn during the winter

Another thing we should note is that your new home needs to be liveable and provide the right living conditions for your family. Of course, this means you have to set up the utilities before the moving day. It goes without saying that transferring utilities when moving is always important. After all, you want to live in a fully-functioning home with power, Internet, water, and most importantly in the winter, heating. So, call up your utility providers and set everything up before you relocate with a newborn in the winter. This way, a warm cozy house will be awaiting you at the end of the long moving day.

Try to stay calm

Of course, the decision to move with a newborn during the winter isn’t an easy one to make. Therefore, it can be pretty difficult to execute the relocation all the while staying completely calm. And nobody expects you to feel any stress in this situation. But for your own good and wellbeing, we strongly urge you to do your best to reduce some of the stress and wind down whenever you can. Take some well-deserved breaks, keep eating well and hydrating yourself, and get as much sleep as your baby allows you to. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to take a breather from time to time. We wish you good luck.