How to move out of your storage unit in Florida

Are you prepared to leave your storage unit? Many people see renting a self-storage unit as a quick fix for their surplus items. While refurbishing your home, perhaps you needed a location to keep your furnishings. Or perhaps you wanted to temporarily purge your house of clutter in preparation for selling it. When the time comes for you to move out of your storage unit in Florida, the procedure should be simple. Here are some helpful pointers from Cross Country Moving Group for vacating a storage facility.

Make a list of everything in the storage space

A few weeks (or more) prior to the day you intend to move out, go to your storage units in Florida and take an inventory of everything there. Taking photos is a smart idea as well. Decide what to keep and what to discard when you exit the storage facility by going over the inventory and the images. Verify that the goods you intend to keep will fit at their new location.

storage unit stuff
When you decide to move out of your storage unit in Florida, bear in mind that it resembles moving out of your house

Inform the storage company in advance that you plan to move out of your storage unit in Florida

Many storage firms demand that you either give the facility a formal written notice of your departure or give them a call. The majority of self-storage facilities provide month-to-month rentals, making it simple to vacate the unit whenever you like. In contrast, not all storage facilities will reimburse you for days that you don’t use their services, so if you cancel your reservation a few days after making your previous month’s payment, you can still be responsible for the balance of the month’s rent.

Select a disposal strategy for undesired objects

Leaving your storage facility is pretty much the same as hiring long distance movers Miami and relocating. That’s why you must find a way to dispose of any items you no longer need because you cannot simply leave them there. At the time of departing, you must remove all of your belongings from the storage unit; otherwise, your account won’t be closed and you’ll be charged a clean-out fee.

Think about donating some of your unused possessions to family or friends, making donations of good-condition items to nearby organizations, and recycling anything that can be recycled and is no longer useful.

Bring a vehicle or van to the storage location

Make sure you have a car big enough to hold your stored stuff when it comes time to transport your belongings out. For a day, you might need to rent a cargo van, pickup vehicle, or bigger box truck. Be sure to have a helper on hand to aid in loading any big objects.

When you are unable to transport your stored items in your car, your best option is to hire a professional moving services Florida to handle your belongings. The pros will not only transport your goods but will also handle the loading and unloading for you, saving you a lot of time and effort and guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Clean the unit

Customers are typically required to clean out their storage space before leaving most storage facilities. This entails making certain that all containers and possessions are taken away from the property. If there is dirt or debris still inside, customers might also wish to sweep and lightly clean the area.

woman cleaning the floor
Clean the unit before leaving it

Inform the facility you’ve left

Many storage facilities demand that customers confirm their departure from the facility after moving out. We advise notifying the office as soon as possible. Once you have removed all of your goods from the storage unit.

In summary

The time has come to say goodbye. Self storage obviously doesn’t last forever. Even though we are sorry to see you go, we want to provide you with some advice so that you move out of your storage unit in Florida smoothly and effortlessly.