How to move from San Jose to Orlando in a week

Moving is hard in general. But moving when you have less than a week to cover all moving tasks is almost impossible. Yes, you are moving from California to Florida and you must cover packing, sort out legalities, work on your budget, find movers, and take care of all moving-related responsibilities. It may sound impossible but it is still doable. Just know that people relocated within days in harsh situations and still succeeded. Therefore, let us help you move from San Jose to Orlando without stress and within the time frame. Let’s go!

Utilize the time given

Each relocation requires a moving plan. Yours is no different. You are moving to Florida after all, and with such a long-distance relocation, you must cover at least the basic details. Therefore, create a moving checklist with the following:

  • The number of furniture and household items you possess.
  • Measure hallways, doors, corridors, and staircases.
  • Note down hard-to-handle or extremely fragile items you are moving.
  • Sort out legalities and personal documents.
  • Set aside a moving budget.
a woman forming a plan on how to move from San Jose to Orlando
Do not rush anywhere. Sit down, create your plan and find a reliable moving team to assist you.

After you gather the basic info about the budget you have available and the packing materials requirement, you can proceed further. Call your movers and provide the info about your furniture and the environment they’ll work in. They will use it to create the safest and most affordable relocation plan. Above all, they will speed up the entire process to ensure you are ready for moving within a week.

Move from San Jose to Orlando with the right moving company

Simply because you have only a week to prepare everything, you must act quickly and find moving companies in Florida as soon as you realize you are moving. Browse the internet and compare prices and reviews. Figure out the services you can use to execute your relocation swiftly, affordably, and safely. Moving from San Jose to Orlando on such short notice will require a bit better-moving company. Therefore, make sure to confirm they are legit with all licenses and permits required. There is no room for a mistake here.

Sadly, this situation leaves you little to no time to research more about Orlando. But you probably knew enough about the City of Orlando because you have decided to move here in the first place. If not, all you must know is that Orlando is a perfect place to raise a family. Here you’ll find enough opportunities to pursue your career or continue your education. The environment is healthy with enough playgrounds, parks, green areas, and nature. You’ll love it here, do not worry.

Purchase additional moving services

To move from San Jose to Orlando within a week is quite a feat, to be honest. And if you are moving alone, maybe you’ll have to seek additional help. Your cross country movers Miami will relocate you but remember, they can provide additional services that can make your relocation much easier and quicker. Utilize storage service for example and leave half of your stuff there. This will buy you at least three days in preparation. Later you can come back when you have more time and relocate the rest at the pace you are comfortable with.

movers assembling boxes
Remember, movers, offer a variety of moving services that can help you speed up the moving process.

Pack and move from San Jose to Orlando safely

Depending on your budget, movers offer packing services as well. You can utilize every bit of help there is as long as you can pay for it. But if you must pack, then this process will take most of your time. Make sure to order enough cardboard boxes, blister packs, labels, and adhesive tape online. Or you can purchase everything at the nearest shop. Just make sure your materials are with you within a few days so you can pack over the weekend. And try to find a friend who can assist you because if you are doing it alone it will last for days.

Now you know how to move from San Jose to Orlando in a week. As long as you organize straight away and call your movers, there is nothing to worry about. Simply set a budget, order materials, find movers, and take it from there. Do this on the very first day and you’ll stay on schedule. Good luck.