How to keep your instruments safe during relocation

Packing must be the hardest part of moving. There are so many things to do, supplies to get, and items to pack. To make matters even more complicated, some items like music instruments require more careful packing than others. For this reason, if you want to keep your instruments safe during relocation, you must know how to pack them properly. Still, packing musical instruments requires some experience and knowledge. For this reason, you should consider hiring moving companies in Florida for your move. Music instrument comes in different shapes, sizes, and they are made from different materials. If they are not packed properly, they can be easily damaged during the relocation. For this reason, it’s important that you know some tips for packing your music instruments for relocation. Also, you can use the same tips for preparing your instruments for storage.  

What do you need to do to keep your instruments safe during relocation?  

The first step in packing your instruments for relocation is getting packing supplies. What kind of packing supplies you should get depends on what kind of instruments you own. It’s not the same if you have to pack a piano or violin. A piano can be very tricky to move and keep safe during relocation. For this reason, you should consider hiring piano movers Florida.   

keep your instruments safe during relocation by putting them in the original case
Use your instruments’ original cases

For the rest of your instruments, you can manage packing them yourself. The best way to pack your instruments for relocation is to use original cases. The instruments like guitar or violin will be most secure and safe during the move in their original cases. But if you are moving to Florida and you don’t have original cases for your instruments, you should get  

  • Moving boxes  
  • Bubble wrapping, blankets, packing paper  
  • Packing tape  

How to pack string instruments?  

Preparing your instruments for a move is almost the same as preparing them for storage units in Florida. You should first clean them from any dirt or dust. The next step in packing string instruments is to loosen the strings a little bit. This will prevent the string to break or bow. Also, if it’s possible, all tuning keys should be parallel with the headboard. Before placing the instrument in the case, you should wrap it bubble wrapping.  

To keep brass or woodwind instruments safe during the move, you should first disassemble them. After you take your instruments apart, you should wrap all the pieces with bubble wrapping. Pieces prepared like this, you can pack in cases or moving boxes.  

a violin on the table
Make sure to properly pack your violin

How to keep your drum safe during the relocation?  

To keep your instruments safe during relocation, it’s important to wrap them in bubble wrapping or other similar materials. For this reason, when you are preparing your drums for relocation, the bubble wrapping is your life-saver. When packing a drum for relocation, you first have to take it apart. Put the pieces of the drum in a moving box that is a little bit bigger. However, before putting the drum in the box, you must pad the bottom, sides, and the top with bubble wrapping. After this, you are ready for a move.