How to hold a successful moving sale in Florida

Are you wondering how to hold a successful moving sale in Florida? When moving we find many items we no longer need or don’t use, making it the perfect time to get rid of some things. But just throwing it away is not the answer. One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure. And a perfect way to make a win-win situation is clear as day. A yard sale. For a state like Florida that is adorned with nice weather all year round and nice residents this is a perfect way to get rid of some items and also earn some money.

Yard sale

When you want to hold a successful moving sale aka Yard sale it’s not only beneficial because of the cash. One way to help yourself to lower the cost of your move is to lower the weight of your items. Many moving companies in Florida can lower or raise your moving fees based on the weight of the cargo in their moving trucks. So the lesser the load the lesser the amount you need to pay. Finding a way to get rid of the access items you no longer need or use is easier than you think. A yard sale is one of those ways. And what do we need to do in order to hold a successful moving sale? Well here are some tips on what to do to hold a successful yard sale.

  • Date and time
  • Advertisement and local authorities
  • Inventory and items
  • Prices and bulk offers
  • Neighbors and refreshments
Sighn that says sale
To gather more people and make your sale successful you need to tell more people with the help of social media or fliers.

Date and time

In order to hold a successful moving sale in Florida one of the first things to do is set a date and the time of the sale. When you schedule your move with long distance movers Florida, you will know the date of your move long before it happens, and as you start packing you can easily set aside some things for the sale. Usually, when people do yard sales they do them during spring after spring cleaning, due to better weather and a little longer days. But when holding a moving sale in Florida that’s the least of your worry.

The Florida weather is always sunny so all year you can find time to do it. As for the time of the move, the best way is to start in the morning and go through the afternoon. Take note that there are always people who show up before the set time.

Advertisement and local  authorities

You probably won’t make any trouble by hosting a yard sale. But to be safe it’s best to check the rules and regulations with your local authorities before hosting your moving sale. If there is a need for a certain permit or some conditions make sure you follow them. As for advertisement, the most common way is to place a sign by the road. But that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way.

When you divide your items into two piles, one for long distance movers Tampa and the other for the sale, you can throw yourself into advertising. Make a post on social media, or even make flyers. You can maybe ask some shop owners to place the flyers in their shop windows. Make sure all of them contain the time and date as well as some of the sale items.

A bag moving sale in Florida in front of the house
If you have a lot of different types of the same item, for example, bags. Selling them in bulk is a good idea.

Inventory and items

Before you host the moving sale, make sure to make an inventory. A list of all the items you will be selling is important as it will not only help with the setup but with the organization and later the cleaning. You can start making the inventory days prior to the sale. Go around your house and note down everything you think you will sell. If there are items you don’t think will sell you can always contact The Furniture Bank and donate those items to people who need them. Don’t pick out only obvious garage sale items like old cabinets or closets. While packing take some time and check the attack, garage, and shed carefully. If the items are good it’s worth putting them up for sale.

Prices and bulk offers

Don’t forget that even tho one of the objectives of a moving sale is to raise some extra money it’s not the main one. The main objective is to get rid of items that are not of any use. Also to profit from it, as well as to lower your moving costs. For items like a piano there are special movers and services like piano movers Florida, but not for some other heavy items. So just selling them is a good option.

Check some of the garage sales in your neighborhood and note down the prices. If you put your items to be expensive even though you might sell some items you will be left with many of them defining your original purpose. Bulk deals are nice as well. For example, if you put the price for one book to be 1$ then offer 3books for 2$. It will earn you money as well as attract more buyers and help hold a successful moving sale in Florida.

Clothes on a rack
When having a yard sale make sectors. One for clothes and bedroom items, one for kitchen, one for yard or appliances. It will make it easier for the customers and yourself if you are organized.

Neighbors and refreshments

You can do the moving sale alone. But why don’t you ask your neighbors and family to join? It will be more fun and attract more people. You can all make yard sales on your street or they can bring some items to your yard and sell them. Either way, it will attract more people and make the experience more fun. Also, make sure to have some refreshments as the afternoons in Florida can become quite hot. Something like lemonade can be helpful. You can maybe sell it for 1$ for a cup or give it away for free.

Holding a successful moving sale in Florida is a fun event that is not only tied to moving. A Yard sale is a nice activity to do from time to time. And earn some extra money, without you throwing away the things you don’t use.