How to handle unpleasant neighbors after your long distance move?

There are numerous things you will have to adapt to after you relocate. Most often than not, you’ll switch jobs and your kids will change schools, and this means meeting new people. And for some, making new friends and introducing themselves to others doesn’t come easy. For instance, you might get new neighbors that aren’t particularly friendly and that you can’t seem to warm up to. If you need to handle unpleasant neighbors after your relocation, but don’t know how to do so, the best cross country movers will give you a hand. When you’ve been in the moving industry for a long time, you know what kind of situations some people get into. Unfortunately, getting bad neighbors isn’t uncommon, but there are ways to handle it without a hassle.

A few ways to handle unpleasant neighbors in your area

First thing first, once your long distance movers Tampa help you relocate and you’re all settled in, go ahead and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Sometimes, if you make the first step and show that you are friendly and approachable, there won’t be any unpleasant situations with your neighbors. The small talk goes a long way. If you find at least one thing you have in common, try to bond with your neighbor over it. Do your kids go to the same school? Or perhaps you’ve moved from the same state? In either case, when this first meeting is over, you’ll at least get the feeling of what your neighbors are like.

woman talking to a man
Talking it out with your neighbor is the first step to solving any issue.

Our main piece of advice we’ll give you is to always try to solve any arising issues directly with your neighbors. Whether they complain about your parties, your kids, pets, or whatever they might have against you, the best thing you can do is try to talk it out. In case you have issues with the amount of noise coming from their apartment (if you live in an apartment building), be reasonable about it.

Let’s imagine the following scenario. Your upstairs neighbors are having a party, it’s past midnight on a weekday. You can’t sleep because of the noise, and you have to be up for work at 6 AM the following morning. Instead of calling the police right away, you should knock on their door and kindly let them know that they should lower the noise. Some people may react wrongly to harsh accusations, so trying to be reasonable about it is your best bet. Adapting after a cross-country move may not always be simple, but there is a solution for every situation.

Try to be friendly with everyone in your building/street

No matter how much some of the neighbors are getting on your nerves, you should stay friendly and true to yourself. If you start gossiping about someone, they can easily find out and your already shaky relationship can become even worse. Whatever the reason for your conflict with a said neighbor, you shouldn’t mix others in it as well. This advice goes to the children of the neighborhood as well. In case you live in a cul-de-sac, you might see kids playing in front of the houses quite often. They can get noisy, and sometimes this may bother you. You should remember that this is what kids do, and how they behave. However, if you go the extra step and become friends with their parents, you may have better chances of them listening to you if you need them to quiet down.

birds eye view of a cul de sac
You lower the risk of having unpleasant situations by trying to stay friends with your entire neighborhood.

Another important thing to remember is that everyone has boundaries. But, you should be reasonable about them. An occasional bark from your neighbor’s dog is no reason to get into a conflict. Neither are the birthday parties they throw for their kids a few times a year. After all, your birthday only happens once. These are some of the situations where you might get upset, but that you shouldn’t react badly. However, if the barking is persistent and the parties are ongoing every weekend, then it might be time to have a chat with your neighbor. Handle unpleasant neighbors in these situations by trying to talk it out and come to a compromise.

Call the authorities to handle unpleasant neighbors only as a last resort

You have to admit, this is the easiest way to sort out any persistent issues you have with your neighbors. Calling the police to quiet a loud party is simple and efficient but has one downside. Some people will take this the wrong way and once they learn you were the one to call, they might do other things to pick on you. Once you have to call the authorities to deal with your unpleasant neighbors, you can no longer rely on a kind word to solve an issue. It is very likely they won’t want to discuss it with you anymore.

woman and a man arguing
Try not to call the authorities until the very last minute. After you do, the chances of you talking it out with an unpleasant neighbor are very slim.

The same goes if you have an issue with your neighbor’s pet. In case their dog is leaving drops on your front yard, or their cat is digging holes in your backyard, you should discuss it with them first. These animals are not to blame – their owners are the ones that should teach them how to behave. Kindly offer to help them out if they don’t know how to approach this problem. Especially if you have pets of your own. Maybe even lend them a few plastic bags you have around the house, just to show support. In most cases, people will realize they are in the wrong after you really go out of your way to help them. You can always research the best Miami neighbors to live in before you move, but you’ll never know which people you’re going to run into!