How to handle moving long distance with pets

You are moving again but this time you have company. Moving long distance with pets can be quite difficult if you do not know how to do it right. You still have to organize, dedicate a budget, pack accordingly, search for long distance movers Miami, and take care of your pet. To be honest, it is a lot and you’ll need a bit of help. Therefore, let us give you a few tips and tricks on how to handle your pet while moving. In the end, both of you will end up safely relocated to the other side. Let’s go!

Preparations for moving long distance with pets

Moving is complicated as it is. Having your family engaged and your kids running around will already make a huge ruckus and elevate stress a bit. But having a per present will make it a whole lot worse. If you pay a lot of attention to your pet, you won’t be able to focus on moving-related tasks. Therefore, you must take care of the situation accordingly. The only solution is to get your pet away for a couple of days while you pack and prepare for moving long distance with pets. Meanwhile, you must prepare your pet for the journey as well. Do the following:

  • Purchase enough food and accessories for your pet.
  • Visit your local vet for the mandatory checkup.
  • Set aside a budget for unforeseen events.
  • Consider babysitting options and a pet hotel.
a woman preparing for moving long distance with pets
Make sure your pets are ready for the journey ahead.

After you prepare your pet for the relocation, start packing. Contact your forever loyal Cross Country Moving Group and let them take care of your relocation safely and affordably. If you relocate safely, your pet will as well.

Search for pet-friendly movers

Remember that not all moving companies will relocate pets. Yes, they have thousands of various moving services at your disposal. Some moving companies offer packing services, corporate relocations, storage units  Florida renting, or cross-state relocations. And each company has a dedicated team specialized for certain situations. There are teams that will handle robust furniture, delicate items, valuable art, and of course, take care of your pets. But these companies are rare. Usually, a pet-friendly moving company means only that they allow you to bring a pet inside a truck with you. And not in the back of the vehicle but only in the front. Therefore, you must communicate this one with your moving representatives before you hire them. You can’t start moving before you are sure that your movers will allow a pet inside the vehicle.

Leaving your pet with a friend is an option as well

One of the best options is to leave your pet with a trusted friend or a relative. They will take care of them until you cover all your moving-related responsibilities. And it would be nice if your pet met the person they’ll stay with. This way you won’t have too many adaptation problems. Besides, this is only for a couple of days and you shouldn’t worry too much. Your pet will be just fine.

Using pet hotel services while moving long distance with pets is a great solution

If you have no time to spend on your pet at the moment, leaving them at the pet hotel for a couple of days is a great solution. Although, if you are moving on a budget it might be tricky. Pet hotels can be expensive so you should try to find discounts and offers well in advance if money is the issue. If not, then aim for the premium service. If you can’t spend time with your pet, at least take them to the weekend at the spa so they can relax and enjoy while you relocate in peace.

small dog in a cup
Consider leaving your beloved pet with a babysitter or at the pet hotel. They will have friends and a caretaker there.

A tip of the day

The last resort is to transport your pet yourself. You can use your personal vehicle unless you are using auto transport Florida services. Simply put your pet in a carrier or let him sit next to you and take a drive together to your new place. Hopefully, they love to take a road trip once in a while and this one won’t be a problem at all.

Now you are ready for moving long-distance with pets. As you can see it’s not so hard to organize as long as you have a bit of time to spend with your pet. Or at least to find them, appropriate caretakers, while you take care of your relocation. Good luck.