How to handle mirrors when moving

Relocation is a process that has a lot of stressful activities and situations. However, one of the most stressful situations is not properly protecting items that are fragile. Moving fragile items is probably one of the hardest parts of preparing for the move and moving. Luckily, today we will discuss ways to handle mirrors when moving. Moreover, we will help you understand how to pack them efficiently to protect them from being damaged. If you plan on hiring moving companies in Florida, you might be able to gain assistance with proper packing and handling mirrors. However, at the end of the day, properly packing your mirrors is going to save you from financial loss and stress. So, without further ado, let us see what you can do to protect your mirrors when moving them.

Why is it important to handle mirrors when moving

Mirrors are a very useful thing in every household. However, as they contain mostly glass, they are quite fragile. Regardless of what type of border they have, a small amount of shock or hit can easily break them. Apart from the folk’s tale of it bringing bad luck, broken mirrors pose other issues. For that reason, as you would hire piano movers Florida if moving a piano, you will have to hire a company that has adequate experience with moving such items.

a mirror with black borders on a bedroom wall
Due to their fragile nature, mirrors can be quite difficult to handle when moving

Fragile items, like mirrors, will require extra attention and care when packing because they can:

  • Impose financial burdens atop of the relocation expenses
  • Breaking mirrors can induce high levels of stress
  • A broken mirror is dangerous as it can hurt people who handle it

How to properly pack your mirrors to avoid breaking them?

As we said above, mirrors are very fragile regardless of what their borders are made out of. When moving, you will have to pay close attention to how you pack your glass in general. Also, if you lack experience in moving such fragile items, we advise you to opt for help from some of your local moving companies. If, however, you decide to do it on your own, you have to make sure you have proper materials and supplies. Moreover, simply packing the mirror will not suffice. As we progress further with this article, you will learn what are some of the best ways to ensure your mirrors arrive safely in your new home.

Obtain proper packing supplies and materials

Now, finding proper packing materials can be a difficult task. However, that is not always the case. You can go around town and seek to find some of them or you can simply contact your moving company for adequate materials. Whatever your choice might be, make sure the materials can provide proper protection to the mirror. For instance, you will require a mirror box.

a couple holding cardboard boxes as something you need to handle mirrors when moving
Make sure you find all the materials you need to protect the mirrors on time

A larger cardboard box that can easily fit your mirror inside. You will also need a moving pad to protect the item while it is laying flat. Finally, you will require wrapping paper and bubble wrap. These materials can be used on all sorts of household items and are some of the basics you should have when moving. It is only after you acquire them that you can start safely handle mirrors when moving.

Wrap your mirror properly

There are things to think about before transporting your mirrors. For instance, how well is your mirror going to be protected during transit? For that reason, you should devote time to properly protect your mirrors. Namely, the first thing you want to do is to place the protective pad on the glass. It will ensure that the glass is not exposed to any danger. Next, wrap the mirror in wrapping supplies. If you are unsure about the safety, add another layer of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a great way to minimize the shock damage that can potentially break the mirror in case of a fall or mishandling.

The mirror box will help you handle mirrors when moving

As the next step, take your mirror and carefully place it inside the mirror box. In most cases, this box will come in parts. You will have to put them together and ensure that it is safe. If you want, you can figure out how to put it together and do it after you place the mirror inside it. So, place a part of the box on the floor and slowly put the mirror on it. Later, carefully add the other parts of the box to enclose the mirror. Make sure that all sides are safe and will not tear or break apart. This is crucial as it can create issues when moving the mirror to the moving truck.

Carefully test your packing and make sure you label the box

After you finish packing your mirrors it is good to check if they are safe inside the box. Slowly pick up the mirror off the ground and shake the box a little. This will help you see if there are any flaws in your packing method and how safe the mirror is inside.

a cardboard box with a label on a porch
Labels will help the moving company recognize what requires special attention and what does not

Moreover, make sure there are no movements inside the box as it can pose a threat during transport. After that, make sure you label the box as fragile so the moving company can know to pay attention as they handle mirrors when moving. On top of that, if you are having trouble finding the right movers for the job – consult our tips for finding good movers.

If you are hiring movers, you can always opt for an insurance policy

Finally, if you are uncertain about the safety of your mirrors, or any items in general, you can always decide to sign an insurance policy. It is a great way to protect your belongings while moving and ensure there will be no surprise factors involved. When doing so, you will ensure you have no financial losses in case of something breaking and you will be stress-free.