How to find the best moving rates

Almost before every move, we hear the same question popping up. How much will this cost me? Finding the best moving rates can be stressful.

Moreover, moving, in general, is a terribly complex event. It consists of three major phases. The planning phase, the moving phase, and the aftermath. However, as anybody who hired long distance movers FL can attest to, getting help makes moving much easier. The reason for this is that you are delegating most of the hard work to professionals. This way you don’t have to worry about your move, and you can spend time with your family. However, we would like to acknowledge that hiring a moving company does come with a cost. All in all, nobody likes working for free, right? So the ultimate goal of the consumer should be to find the best man for the job at a reasonable price.

How to find the best moving rates?

So how does one go about that? Well, there are some steps you can take in order to find the most reliable, affordable and efficient movers. These are the tools of the tradecraft, the tips, and tricks Cross Country Moving Group has learned in the years of our work as a broker company for movers. So as a way of a thank you, to all our customers we present to you the guide for finding the absolute best moving rates.


So the first thing on your moving checklist needs to be the process of narrowing the search down. What we mean by this is that you need to first filtrate viable companies from those that are not. You will do this by finding companies that suit your needs. If a moving firm doesn’t offer you the services you desire, don’t even take that moving company into consideration. By doing it this way you are not falling into the trap of asking from moving quotes from a moving company you are not going to consider later down the line.

Reaserching is the key to best moving rates!
Do research if you want to find the best moving rates!

The absolute best way of going about this is twofold. Firstly take into consideration any word of mouth suggestions made by your friends. If your friends were happy with the service they’ve got, the odds are you are going to be satisfied too. However, don’t go overboard and decide to hire a moving company just on a friend’s suggestion alone.  Keep a critical eye when making that decision. Secondly, we recommend that you do a simple internet search and find out what companies “fit the bill” so to say. Most moving companies have a preview of all of their services on their website. So finding out what that company offers can be as easy as pie.

Separate the wheat from the chaff

a lawnmover
You will need to trim a few of the companies from the list if you want to find out who is the best one.

If you have done the above step correctly, you now have a pool of moving companies to choose from. All of them should fit your needs. They offer the services you are looking for, the manpower that you need, and the quality that you desire. Great! Now it’s time to start winnowing it down. The way you do this is by inspecting the following two areas mentioned below. However, keep in mind that this is a balancing act. Some moving companies will offer extremely polite and kind support and will have awesome reviews while their moving quotes will be expensive. While others might have extremely cheap moving quotes, but terrible customer service. Trying to find something in the middle is what you should strive for.

Customer service & reviews

In order to find out what kind of customer support one company has you have to do two things. Firstly, check out the reviews online. Most people will voice their opinions if they are not satisfied with the customer service or the quality of the service they’ve been provided with. So be on a lookout for those. However, do not dismiss a company because of one negative review. Take what other people are saying with a grain of salt.

Next, it’s time to evaluate the customer service yourself. You will do this by simply picking up the phone and giving them a call. Introduce yourself, and ask around about the moving quotes and the services they offer. The key here is to listen more than to talk. You want to find out whether they care about your needs and wants, or do they just look at you as another job.

Do this for every company you are considering and write your grade down. A good moving tip here is to evaluate each company with a grade from 1 – 10 without the possibility of grading them a 7. This grading system forces you to either categorize the company as 6 or below or 8 or above.

Moving quotes

Most moving companies offer their moving quotes for free.

The last thing on this list is to note the moving quotes of every company you inquire about. However, be wary here. The moving company can present you with three types of moving quotes.

  • non-binding estimate. This is a moving quote based on the weight of your belongings. These quotes are the cheapest ones from the bunch. However, the amount of cost drastically increases as you start adding more and more things on the truck.
  • binding estimate. This is a quote that is fixed. Meaning that the cost cannot be higher or lower than the price they present you with. This has it’s perks and drawbacks, as you won’t pay more money than arranged, however you will also not be able to pay less than what you made the deal to be.
  • binding not-to-exceed estimate. This is also a fixed quote. Meaning that the cost of the quote cannot be higher or lower than the price the moving company presented you with. However, the difference between this type of moving quote, and the one mentioned above is that in case the weight of your belongings exceeds the arranged amount you won’t get charged anything extra

Make sure to calculate this into your evaluation. This way you should have enough metrics to make a decision.

If you want to get the best moving rates – hire us!

Lastly, if you don’t want to go through this process by yourself, hire Cross Country Moving Group, a moving broker who will find the moving company that fits exactly what you are looking for!