How to disinfect your Florida home after the relocation

You are relocating and you want to prepare your new home. It is a common thing to clean and disinfect your Florida home after moving, especially now when we have a Covid 19 pandemic going on. So, to prepare for your relocation you must work on moving logistics, find Orlando long distance movers, and prepare an adequate budget. But also you must create a cleaning and moving-in plan. Therefore, today we will help you prepare and disinfect your new home properly. Let’s take a look.

Prepare your new home before moving

Now, before you start cleaning anything, you must organize and prepare your cargo for the long distance movers Florida. Also, you must clean some of the most important items before you move in. This way you won’t spend much time adapting to your new place after you settle in. Hence, inspect all the areas of your home and locate all furniture, appliances, and other household items. List everything down on the inventory list and organize cleaning and packing accordingly.

trying to disinfect your Florida home with a mop
You can clean most of the furniture before moving and unwrap them once you disinfect your new place.

The most important item to clean here is your fridge. Simply because you must fill it with food the very same day. Therefore, clean this one before the move so it can be ready to be used. Although, you should check with your Cross Country Moving Group Florida before you start cleaning and packing. Contact them and let them find a moving team that will relocate your fridge and other items safely. There is no point in cleaning your fridge if it is going to reach its destination dirty. So, make sure you are using a competent moving company for your relocation.

Disinfect your Florida home but start with the kitchen first

As soon as you move in, you want your kitchen and the bathroom to be operational. So, you should start with the kitchen because it is a place where you’ll bring in all the perishable items and have your family meals. Begin with all the appliances that are already in the kitchen. Of course, if there are any. Hopefully, your kitchen is empty so you can disinfect it quickly and without any obstructions. Simply use home-friendly chemicals and you’ll be done in a couple of hours. Once your kitchen is clean, bring in your fridge and other appliances. Clean them one by one and load your fridge, cupboards, and shelves with food and other items.

Your movers can’t help you to disinfect your Florida home but they can provide various moving services Florida that can make your relocation easier. Talk to your moving representative and figure out how to relocate perishables and kitchen appliances. Having a steady relocation plan is important when moving.

Cover the bathroom next

When it comes to the bathroom, the whole disinfection endeavor becomes tricky. No one wants to use the toilet seat that was there in the first place so you want to replace it straight away. Also, the shower curtain should be replaced as well as the soap holders and all other dispensable items which hold a lot of bacteria. It is a small investment to bring brand-new and clean items into the bathroom. So, remove everything that was inside and clean your tiles, floors, and all other surfaces with bathroom cleaner. Add another coat of protection by using the antibacterial spray and you are good to go. Disinfect your home like a pro but pay close attention to the bathroom.

stylish bathroom
Cover your bathroom and the kitchen first. Those areas are most complicated to disinfect and clean.

Disinfect your home by using home-friendly chemicals

You can clean the rest of your home by using everyday home-friendly chemicals along with the antibacterial spray. But this is only for the hard surfaces and windows. If you intend on cleaning something like a carpet, drapes, or a mattress, then you’ll have to take a different approach. You can steam clean your mattress and bring your carpets and area rugs to the carpet cleaner. It is the easiest and most affordable way. As for your drapes and curtains, you can wash them in a washing machine or take them to the cleaning service as well. You decide what is best for your budget and health.

Now you know how to disinfect your Florida home before or after moving in. We suggest you do it before the relocation while it is still empty. But if you had no time, you could still do it thoroughly before you start unpacking. Good luck.