How to declutter your storage before spring

With spring being just around the corner, you should consider cleaning out all the unnecessary items you own. This applies both to your home, as well as your storage unit. To declutter your storage before spring, you have to organize and find the perfect approach. However, if you are moving and decided to use Cross Country movers services, you should make sure you have enough room in your storage unit. As renting a unit is often a great way to increase the space you have, keeping it neat will only do you favors. That is why you should devote time to your storage unit and make sure it is accessible and organized at all times.

The perks you gain when you declutter your storage before spring

Spring is a time where most people indulge in cleanings. This activity means that people devote time to clean out their entire house, backyard, shed, etc. Most of the activity will contain getting rid of or moving away items that are in the way. In addition, this same routine should be done with your storage unit. With all the perks of renting a storage unit provides, you should make sure you utilize every inch of it.

a woman carrying carboard boxes from a room as a depiction for when you declutter your storage before spring
Organizing and cleaning your unit before spring will make it easier to maneuver through it and oversee all the items you have inside

Whether you want to place a car inside it, using auto transport Florida services, or simply put away items you do not want in your home. Regardless of what the purpose of the unit is, here are some of the main advantages of it being clean and organized:

  • Additional room for other items
  • Accessibility and organization
  • Easier insight into the content of the unit
  • Overall knowledge of the space you have inside

How to approach cleaning your unit in a proper manner?

Storage units are often in a distant location from a town or city. As such, we can understand why you might avoid visiting it often. However, avoiding the obligation of cleaning your storage unit can have consequences. Some of them are things like over-clutter, items damaging each other, outside factors affecting the state of the items in a unit, etc. Therefore, visiting and cleaning your unit does not only benefit you but also benefits your items.

Start by going through items

The first thing you want to do when you want to declutter your storage before spring is to visit it and see what items are inside. Go through the items in a manner you find fitting and separate those you do not want to keep. Such items can either be sold, donated, or thrown away. Depending on the state of the item and its purpose, you can easily decide what their best fate is.

a couple having fun with pieces of clothing they found in a box
Going through the unit before cleaning it will help you see which items can remain there and which ones should be thrown away

However, we should mention that if you decide to discard some items, you should do it in a proper manner. If you find it easier, write down all the items you want out of the unit. This way, you will have an easier time knowing what to pay attention to.

Make a list of each item you have inside

Next, you can create an inventory list of the items you want to keep. As this process can sometimes take more time, you can always know what items you have inside. Moreover, this list can help you in the future, as you can use it to keep track of your storage unit capacity. Additionally, you should write down if you find any items that seem like they require different conditions or care. Having items inside the unit does not protect them from certain conditions. Therefore, you should always be aware of the items you have inside your unit and their needs.

Declutter your storage before spring by cleaning the entire unit

The real work starts with this process. Namely, as you are now aware of the items you should keep inside – it is time to clean the unit. Take out all of the items outside of the unit and grab a broom and a dust bin. Dirt and dust are almost inevitable in these spaces. Firstly, cleaning it out will help your own health as you visit the unit. Secondly, dust and dirt can often create issues with certain materials your items are made out of.

Moreover, preventing mold from appearing in a unit should also be done regularly. Mold can create serious issues with wood, for example. That is why a clean storage unit is the best storage unit for you and your items.

a woman cleaning a wooden floor with a broom and a dust pan
Cleaning each corner of your unit is beneficial for both yours and the health of your items

As you put items back, create an order of placing

As you finish cleaning your unit you should focus on placing your items back in it. However, pay attention to how you place them. Firstly, you do not want your items damaging each other. Secondly, having an organized unit will help you maneuver easier in the future. By having an empty unit, you allow yourself to create an order of placing in such a manner that your unit will be accessible at all times. Moreover, it is a good foundation for future items you want to place inside. For instance, when you have a mess in a unit you will most likely just place your item anywhere. When your unit is in order – you will place it in a way you can still access each part of it.

Good organization, practical order, and accessibility are the most important things when you declutter your storage unit before spring

Finally, when you are cleaning your storage unit, you are preparing it for the future. In case you have to move your household or simply place items inside the unit, you will have an easier time figuring out what to do. Moreover, a clean storage unit will pose no delays or issues when needed. At last, if you have a unit that is clean and organized, you will have an easier time seeing if you need a bigger unit or not. Being in clutter can easily trick your eyes into thinking you need more space – when in reality you just did not utilize it properly.