How to cut your moving costs when moving long-distance

When moving especially long distances, there are a lot of things to devote your attention to. And all of those things adding up can sometimes make the move quite expensive.  The question then shifts from what do you need in order to move, to is all of that really necessary? From some of the more important things when using moving services Florida, to the less important ones. What is worth risking and paying less for? How to cut your moving costs when moving long-distance without having to worry about your items and their safety.

Research moving companies

While doing something as important and stressful as moving there are many factors needed to take into consideration. Panning everything is key, not only in order to cut your moving costs when moving long-distance. A good plan helps you organize and not to lose your mind in the mess.

The most important part of the plan at its beginning is to find good long distance movers Florida. Moving companies are a big factor in all of our plans. Depending on the services they offer the price of our move can change significantly. But is just any moving company right for us? There are many things to pay attention to when researching the right one.

  • There are a lot of scammers, especially today when information can be forged online.
  • For comments look on official sites that have a strict policy on fake profiles. Ask people you know for a recommendation.
  • Interview more than one company in order to get an idea of the prices. And then carefully decide how much you are willing to spend.
  • Before you hire any company make sure their paperwork is legitimate and all the details and services you want are accounted for.
  • Consider insurance
A family making a packing and moving list
Make sure you explain to your kids that you are moving. And hire a babysitter. Or in order to cut your moving costs asking a friend or family member to take care of them is a nice option.

Packing and supplies

After you pick a moving company in your piece range it’s time to concentrate on other things. In order to cut your moving costs sometimes you have to be cleaver. When thinking about the packing material at first it can sound pretty cheap. But after or during packing the real cost of everything can be shocking especially if you live in a big household. Ordering moving supplies in bulk is a good idea. As for the packing if you want to cut the cost of the move doing it yourself is better. It can take longer, but if you start on time it’s not a problem.

If you are not sure about bringing some items there is an option of using storage Florida. Especially after decluttering if you notice you will keep some items that are heavy, moving them into storage is a good idea.  The weight can affect the price of the move quite a lot.

cut your moving costs by using storage fcox heavyer things
Make sure everything is labeled. All the items you won’t need right away can be placed in storage for safe keeping.

Moving dates and contracts

When picking a moving date, especially for a long-distance move, choosing carefully is advised. Many cities have a blooming period where there are lots of tourists and activities around it. That only creates crowds and slows down the move. Also, bad weather can affect your move a lot. So picking the date is very important. After you pick the date and everything is set, examine your contract in great detail. You can certainly cut your moving cost by choosing the Released Value option for your insurance. But keep in mind that that is minimal protection.

Tips and movers

If your move is local you need to pick if you will pay a flat rate or hourly rate to the workers. In most cases for a local move hourly rate tends to be less expensive. But that depends on the circumstances surrounding you. If you think of the possibility of bad weather or other accidents happening the hourly rate is for you. If you think it will take a while flat rate is a way to go. For Orlando long distance movers there is no thinking before picking a flat rate. Nothing is certain in a long-distance move.

Cutting your moving expenses is okay but doing it by cutting the worker’s tips is a no-go. Those people will be your biggest help and deserve that money. Not only are they in charge of moving but also protecting and making sure everything goes smoothly on the job. Their tips are not included in the company’s payment. So If you cant ford to tip them with money at least do the bare minimum and secure them some refreshments and food.

A man giving a tip
Tips are really important and a nice way to motivate workers to do a better or faster job.


Did you know you can cut your moving costs from your taxes? Save the recipes! All of them. And while on the road you can save a lot of taxes for the next tax season.  If you move to a new location because of work, you could qualify to use IRS Form 3903 to claim the cost of your moving expenses as a deduction on your federal income tax return. It also applies when moving abroad but only to US citizens.

Helping hand

Doing everything yourself can cut the moving cost but it can cut your energy and time by a lot. So why not call some friends or family to help? Talking and joking while packing can be less stressful, and they can help with some heavy furniture or boxes. Make some snacks or refreshments and slowly get the work done. You can start from one room and pack it all before you go to the next, to minimize the chances of the items getting lost or placed in the wrong box.

Labeling everything will help with the unpacking and box placement. Also, make a box of essentials and important and valuable items that will be with you during the move. After packing clean up your old home together before you set out on the road. Or if you do not want to bother with anything of that sort, simply hire Cross Country Moving Group to do it for you.