How to create a babyproof plan before the move

How to create a babyproof plan before the move is one of the most important things you need to consider. Especially if you are a first-time parent. Some parents that already had a kid can manage to sort things out alone but even then there are many dangers.  So the best thing to do is make sure you research carefully and make a plan. This way you will make sure you covered all the bases. Because unfortunately, most household accidents involve babies and young children. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. And after arranging the move details with moving companies in Florida it’s time to babyproof your new home!

Is babyproofing the home important?

Some of you may ask yourself is it really necessary to make a babyproof plan before the move. But unfortunately not only is it important it’s highly recommended. Like we already said a big number of children and babies have accidents in their homes all year round. Most of those accidents involve open pools, heat in kitchens, substances that are easy to reach, corners of furniture and etc. What’s sad is that in most cases this could have been prevented. So before you put your vehicle into auto transport Florida, go on a fast shopping spree to get everything you need for the babyproofing.

a couple playing with babyafter they create a babyproof plan before the move
Create a babyproof plan before the move so you can play with your little one without worry after.

Research your new home

Before you can even create a babyproof plan before the move you need to know your new surroundings. And by that, we don’t mean the superficial knowledge of what room is where. After you buy the apartment or house take a lot of pictures. This way when you come home you can look at them carefully. With long distance movers Florida, you will know the move date for a while before. So you will have enough time to look and find all of the places that need to be babyproofed.


After looking at the pictures it’s time to decide what furniture will be placed in each room. It’s best to decide on their exact place in that room. This way not only will you help long distance movers Tampa by telling them where what goes. But you will make it easier for yourself to unpack. And of course, this way you will know what furniture needs to be secured to the walls to prevent it from falling. Also, wall art needs to be high enough so the baby or kids can reach them. Create a babyproof plan before the move and have in mind you will maybe need a handyman to help.

Outlet covers and baby gates

While you create a babyproof plan before the move do not forget outlets and baby gates. Measure the doors and stairway openings for baby gates. They come I’m different sizes and heights in order to fit your home in the best way possible. If you have some very wide places you may need to get more than one baby gate. So it’s best to be prepared

Children especially the younger ones that still crawling have a fascination with outlets. It’s at their eye level as well as interesting. Especially when they see you don’t want them touching it. Most kids are also naturally curious. So it is best to put outlet covers as one of the priorities when you create a babyproof plan before relocation.

Man sitting with his baby on the floor
Put protective covers on all sharp edges of your furniture. Babys and toddlers are prone to falling and hitting themselves.


It’s for the best that you ask your movers to set up the nursery room first. This way you can put your baby to sleep, feed it or change it. Also, it is a good thing to make a place for the baby to play in the nursery. We recommend you ask someone or look up online for a reliable nanny to babysit during the moving process. Babys are tough to take care of alone on such occasions. So make it easier on yourself at least a little.

Window cords, cables, and vires

There are many houses that have window cords dangling. And unfortunately, it takes just a second for a child to get entangled in one. It can lead to some extreme incidents. Also, cables and vires are dangerous for your baby. When you create a babyproof plan before moving, don’t forget to hide all the cables or cords. Either in cabinets or by using other means. But don’t let them be visible and accessible. As some babies can chew on them or play with them.


When dealing with a baby and a small kid pools are a big danger you need to be aware of. Never let your kid unsupervised in its vicinity. If it isn’t fenced off, don’t minimize its danger. And schedule with a handyman to come and make a fence around it. Studies show that kids drown quietly so if the worst happens and the kid falls the probability of you hearing them is quite low. So even with the fence keep your eyes on your little one.

Kids playing with toys
Make sure your baby’s room and play area are babyproofed. Also, don’t let them play with too small toys, and always make sure to check on them.

Doors and windows

This may not be a must at the beginning when your kid is still just a baby, but soon it will be. So it is better to do it at the start. Put safety locks on all the windows and doors in the house. As well as some drawers with dangerous items inside. For example knives or glass. This way you can be a little relaxed while your kid explores the house.

Keep researching

To create a babyproof plan before the move you need to research. The baby grows and with time gets access to different types of dangers. So make sure you keep researching as well as upgrading the house in order to accommodate the new needs. This way your little one will stay safe as it grows.