How much should you tip your movers

It is not always that we are moving, so we do not know home difficult a moving process can be. We as customers can sometimes be very naive. And to think that a moving process is something simple and easy to do. And this can be no further than the truth. The thing is if you do not don’t know how to do it by yourself and you will always have to rely on the help of professional Florida movers near you. If you are satisfied with how your movers dealt with your relocation then you should think about tipping.  But the question we are trying to answer here is how much should you tip your movers. Therefore, in the following article, you will learn what are factors you need to have in mind. Especially when deciding whether you should tip or not. As well as how much.

What factors you have to have in mind when you want to tip your movers

Before we even begin about the amount of reward you should give to your movers you need to have in mind the amount of work they did. And how hard it was to do it as well. For instance, what if you have to move big and heavy furniture? And what if it is also very expensive and can easily get damaged? This is where you will have to rely on the help of a professional moving company when relocating. Not to mention when you plan on moving from California to Florida. A good moving company will always pay close attention when packing and moving your belongings. This includes your expensive furniture as well. So make sure to have in mind that if your professionals transport your items safely you should always tip them.

nicely transported room items is a reason to tip your movers
Always tip your relocation experts if they moved your expensive furniture properly

Did you need any specific packing requests?

Moving your items can be a very stressful process. Not to mention if you’re moving items that are very expensive and require special care. The already mentioned that movers should always carry your items properly. Therefore, if you have items that require more than ordinary packing skills then you will also have to talk with your movers about them.  Only a professional moving company can offer you their exceptional packing skills. We need still to talk about this when we plan on moving long distances.  So make sure you ask your long distance movers Florida about what kind of packing services can they provide you with. In return, this will help you decide how much you wish to tip your movers.

china set
Think about tipping them if you have a lot of really expensive and fragile items to move

Were you movers efficient

When it comes to moving you have to have in mind that time is of the essence. This is important when you have to move fast. If your movers helped you move fast then you should definitely think about tipping them. Most importantly the thing is that that when it comes to the time needed for the move only a professional moving company will value your free time. Shady movers, scammers, or unprofessional moving companies can be late van arriving leading to bigger problems. When time is of the essence then you will have to know that you are dealing with professionals. This is one of the major factors that influence your decision to tip your movers.

How is their customer service

The thing is the moving process can be really complicated. And you will have to think about a lot of things. Most of those things consist of scheduling a moving date, gathering packing supplies, packing your items for the move, and moving in. All these tasks can be very stressful for someone who’s moving for the first time. And if this is your first time to move then you will have to contact the customer service of the moving company you want to hire. A professional behind the phone will guide you through the moving process. This is not something every moving company possesses because finding a good professional to work behind the phone can be really hard. A good moving company and their customer service will help you schedule a moving date. That way you will find what is the best day to move.

a woman talking on the phone
It is good if their customer’s services provide you with everything you need

Rewarding your movers

If a moving company has all these traits then you will have no hard time when it comes to deciding whether or not you should give something extra to your movers. If you’re satisfied with how your movers did their job then you should always reward them. Depending on how hard your move was, how far you went, what kind of items they carried, and just how much work they pulled into the packing process you will decide the amount of the tip. Usually, it goes around 20% of the overall moving cost and that should be your guideline. Remember that hiring professional movers can save you more money than if you are moving by yourself.

So, in the end, you will find out of the day the hard work at a very affordable price. Also, have in mind that moving during the winter or summer can be extremely difficult. And if you’re really feeling generous you can help your movers by offering them some refreshing drinks or delicious snacks to go. We are more than certain that there will appreciate your gesture.

These factors will help you decide how much should you tip your movers. We had to tell you more about them in detail, so you would know what you need to pay attention to. Because the moving process is not something you can do by yourself, hiring professionals might be the best idea you can get. If you believe we missed something, feel free to fill us up by leaving your feedback in the comments section down below.