How much does it cost to transport a car to Florida?

If you are moving to Florida, it is always better if you can take your car with you. Having a car is extremely convenient. You can drive your car to your work, to the beach, to the supermarket, and to anywhere else you want. In addition to this, this also means that you do not have to rely on public transport. Since public transport in Florida is not the best, it is better to have a car. However, just because you are moving, it does not mean you have to sell your old car and buy the new one once you relocate. You can always take it with you. For this reason, when you hire Cross Country Moving Group, you should ask them if they provide car transport services. In order to prepare yourself, here is the average cost to transport the car to Florida. 

The prices on average 

Usually, if you go with an auto transport company, you will have to pay around $2 per mile. In addition to this, if your new house is less than 200 miles away, it is going to be $2 per mile. On the other hand, if your new location is more than two miles away, then you will pay less. Usually, it is around $0.58 per mile. You should keep in mind that this price would depend on several factors. That is why you should directly contact auto transport Florida and ask about their prices. 

looking at a parked vehicle and thinking about cost to transport a car to Florida
See where it would be both convenient and easy to drop off your car

What are these factors that movers take into account when forming a price? First of all, the cost is calculated on the size of your car. Then, shipping companies will also take into account the terminals or where you as a customer would drop off your vehicle. Sometimes, you might even want to keep your car somewhere for a couple of weeks more or less. In this case, you should also find storage Florida for your car. 

Calculate the cost to transport a car to Florida 

When you decide you want to ship a car, you need to prepare your car properly for this transport. You should visit your mechanic and do a general checkup. Your mechanic would probably know what to do in this case. This is a good way to prevent possible vehicle shipping problems. In addition to this, you should also consider changing the oil. You should not fill the gas because it will make your car heavier. This means you will spend more money. 

In addition to this, you should pay attention when you are shipping your car. During the winter, there is less demand for shipping services. Therefore, it is going to be cheaper. However, it can take weeks to ship your car. If you’re in a hurry, rush services are available but they are more expensive. As you might know, it is hard to drive due to bad weather. 

mechanic working
Visit your mechanic before transport

Different types of freight services 

Lastly, in order to see how much it would cost to transport the car to Florida, you have to take into consideration different types of right services. Here are the most common ones. 

  • Auto transport 
  • Freight Train 
  • Hiring a driver 
  • Port-to-Port Shipping 
  • Air Freight