How long does it take to move across the country?

Cross-country moves are challenging, but with wise planning, you can reduce the stress. When you are getting ready for a big move, the first thing you need to consider is how you plan to pack all the stuff and transport them to the new location. The most common solution to that is to hire a cross-country moving company such as best cross country movers. One of the main things to keep in mind is that this process will take some time. Normally, you can expect the delivery of your things to go smoothly and follow the timetable set by your movers. However, unexpected things can happen during the relocation process so you’d t want to know the factors that could affect the delivery of your things. If you’ve ever wondered how long does it take to move across the country, now’s the time to find out.

The expected amount of time – how long does it take to move across the country?

Normally, you can expect the average amount of time to complete long distance move to be up to two weeks, even though the actual process of moving your belongings from one place to another can happen in as little as three days. On the other hand, it can be delayed up to two weeks, depending on some other factors. Hiring the professionals such as interstate movers Florida is the best bet when moving across the country.

  • A moving truck can cover around 400-500 miles a day. Hence, the shipment going at a distance of 1000 miles will travel for at least two days. AN extra day will be needed for each additional 500 miles
  • Add an extra day in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as mechanical problems or inclement weather.
  • If the shipment is mixed with other stuff, it is expected for the delivery time to increase as the driver will be obliged to make stops along the way.

It’s standard practice for cross-country moving companies to give a two-week delivery window. The actual time doesn’t the other hand depends on the specific circumstances and the moving company you have hired.

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Consulting moving companies for a quote should be a part of the plan when moving

Factors that can affect the delivery of your stuff

There are several factors that can impact the delivery of your belonging to a new address.

1. How far are you moving

Obviously, the distance dictates the amount of time it will take for your stuff to arrive at a new address. If you’re moving only a state or two away, you can expect the delivery to take a couple of days. If you’re moving cross country, don’t be surprised if the delivery takes a week or two. When hiring a moving company such as moving services Florida you’ll get an estimated time you can expect your items to be delivered.

2. Pickups and deliveries that need to be consolidated

It is common practice for companies to consolidate shipments that are going in the same direction. This maximizes the efficiency of the company such as cross country movers Miami and saves on fuel expenses etc. While this can reduce overall moving costs, it means that your moving company will have to make a few stops along the way before they reach your destination. If you would like your things to arrive faster you’d want to spend some extra cash.

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You can find out how long does it take to move across the country by consulting a moving company

3. Adverse Weather conditions

Obviously, inclement weather can slow down the shipment of your belongings. If a sudden storm comes up during the moving, it can mean closed roads and traffic jams. It never hurts to be aware of the weather forecast around the time of your move and plan things around that.

4. High amounts of traffic

The high amount of traffic on the road can slow down transportation. If you’re moving during the busy time of the year, it’s natural for your belongings to arrive a little later than expected. Plenty of things that can slow down your transportation can happen on the road, including traffic jams, accidents that need to be driven around, moving trucks can get flat tires, etc. That’s why the best way to find out how long does it take to move across the country is to hire an interstate moving company.