Guide to preparing your piano for relocation

Relocating bulky objects is one of the obstacles you can encounter during the moving process. It gets even more complicated when the item is very valuable and fragile. One such thing is your piano. Not only are they expensive, but some are a family heirloom you definitely don’t want to ruin during a move. That is why preparing your piano for relocation is important, in order to keep it safe during transport. There are a number of things you can do to ensure your piano doesn’t get damaged, and all are pretty straightforward. However, your best bet will always be to hire the best piano movers Florida and let them take care of everything!

miniature of a grand piano
Moving a piano takes a lot of work and preparation. Make sure you do it just right, so your instrument stays safe during a move.

Preparing your piano for relocation should be done by the professionals

There are a number of reasons you should trust your movers to safely transport your piano. First of all, if you pick one of the best cross country movers, you will be sure they have been through this before. They’ve encountered many different situations and will know exactly how to prepare and move your piano. Not only that, but they will have the right equipment to complete the task without a hitch. Moving a piano may seem simple, but in order to do it properly, you have to pay attention to a lot of things. 

person playing a piano
Don’t forget to clean your piano keys before you wrap it for the move.

First of all, you need to make sure you have properly cleaned your instrument. Preparing your piano for relocation should include a thorough clean and a tune. Use a specific cleaning liquid for the exterior, whether it is wood or plastic, and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to clean the piano keys as well. You can purchase a particular cleaning solution for this, and the type of solution will depend on the keys you have. If they are old and made of wood or ivory, you should be very careful about what you’re cleaning them with. After you’re sure it is properly clean, get a professional to fine-tune it before you start preparing it for the move. This way, you will give the instrument the care that it needs, and you can start playing it right away in your new home.

Pianos are very heavy – pay extra attention to how you’re going to carry it

The biggest problem with moving heavy and bulky objects is their weight. Some items you can easily disassemble and transport it that way, such as your closets or shelves. But, moving musical instruments doesn’t fall into this category, and that is why moving them across the country can be tricky. Especially if it’s a huge piano! To move it safely, you’ll need at least three or four people to carry it. In case you have a moving dolly, this task will get a bit easier. Make sure you are using a dolly that can stand the weight of the piano and won’t be too small. In case you are moving a grand piano, then you’ll want to have a piano board, that has additional straps to make sure the piano doesn’t fall off.

Pay attention to the way you wrap your piano before the move

Before you even start carrying the piano to the moving truck and then into your home, you have to ensure it is properly wrapped. Nobody wants their piano to have scratch marks or dents after they move! Therefore, you should invest in proper wrapping materials. Heavy-duty cloth blankets may be the best choice for this situation. Before you actually wrap it in blankets, make sure the keyboard lid is secure and shut. Keys are very fragile and the easiest to damage during a move. The lid should have a safety lock, but if it doesn’t, do not use tape! This will only damage the wooden surface of the piano itself.

After you wrap it in those blankets, you want to make sure they stay on. Especially if you’re moving long-distance, or planning to keep your piano in storage for a while. Another layer of shrink-wrap will do the trick! Not only will it keep the piano safe, but it will also protect it from dust and fingerprints. The final thing you need to have is strong straps, to offer extra protection and keep the piano sturdy in the moving truck.

Preparing your piano for relocation includes insurance protection

If you decide to use professional movers to relocate your piano, they will definitely recommend getting insurance. We all know that movers are experienced and always take good care of your belongings, but unexpected things can happen during transport. Purchasing additional insurance will keep you covered in case there are any damages to the piano throughout the entire moving process.

We know we said that pianos cannot be disassembled before the move. However, there are a few parts that you can take off before you wrap and move your piano. In most cases, the movers can disassemble the legs and pedals before they prepare and secure it for the move. Just don’t forget where you put these pieces later on!

person playing a piano in the street
Some pianos will have little wheels you can use to transport them. 

Final steps to safely relocate your piano

One more thing you have to keep in mind before moving your piano is how you’re going to bring it into the new house. If you simply need to take it out of the truck and into the house, then it shouldn’t be that complicated. However, if you are moving to an apartment building, let your movers know if there is an elevator or not. In case they need to carry it up the stairs, the price of your relocation may be a bit higher. Either way, consider all of the options before you begin this journey. One thing is sure – we do not recommend moving a piano by yourself.