Guide to moving your senior parents

Moving is a big change in one’s life so it’s always great to have someone giving you a hand. This transition can be especially difficult for the elderly, whether it comes to moving down the street or farther away. That’s why if your senior parents are planning a relocation, you should be the one to give them a helping hand. Just like any other move, senior moving requires planning and preparations that can become pretty tiring and overwhelming. So, if you’re planning on moving your senior parents, we’re here to give you some guidance and help you achieve a smoother relocation with minimal stress. We’ll tell you which steps to take to make the move a success and all the ways of helping your elderly parents. So, if you’re looking for some useful tips for moving the elderly, keep reading.

Hire senior movers to help

One of the easiest ways you can help your parents relocate successfully is by hiring senior movers. Because there are plenty of potential complications when it comes to senior moving, working with professionals is a sure way to prevent hiccups. Whether it comes to interstate moving or local relocation, this is a very smart decision. Your cross country movers will know how to handle the relocation and make sure things go to plan.

A mover taping a box - hire movers when moving your senior parents
A great way to make relocating your elderly parents easier is by hiring professionals.

If the movers offer senior moving services, it means they have a lot of experience in that area. Their expertise enables them to help your parents relocate trouble-free. After all, they know the right techniques and have the equipment that’s necessary for a smooth relocation. Also, working with the pros might give your parents peace of mind and let them relax and reduce some of the moving stress.

Be helpful when moving your senior parents

If you’re moving your senior parents but you’re not sure of all the ways you can help them, don’t worry. We’ll tell you some of the things you can do to make your parent’s relocation easier for them. These are just some of the simple things you can do to make sure the relocation goes smoothly.

1. Help your parents downsize

Obviously, one of the biggest parts of moving a household is packing. However, before you start gathering all the packing supplies and putting your parents’ things into boxes, there’s one thing you should do. Namely, a step that will prepare you for the packing and make it a bit quicker and easier is decluttering. Simply go through your parents’ home with them and see which things they’re ready to say goodbye to. All the things they don’t need shouldn’t be packed. Here’s what you can do with the things you want to get rid of.

A brother and sister decluttering clothes before packing
Go through your parents’ closet with them and get rid of the things they don’t need.
  1. Donate them – you might be able to make someone else happy by donating the things your parents don’t need anymore.
  2. Throw things out – if some things aren’t functional anymore, it’s best to throw them out.
  3. Organize a yard sale – to earn some extra money when helping your senior parents move, organize a yard sale, and sell the things they’re getting rid of.
  4. Gift them – if any other family members or your parents’ friends want something you’re getting rid of, pass those things along to them.

Not only will this step make packing easier as you’ll have less to do, but it will also lower the moving expenses! Because residential movers in Florida charge by the weight of your items, the fewer boxes you have, the less you’ll pay. Let your parents know about this and getting rid of unnecessary things will become much easier.

2. Pack together when moving your senior parents

Because packing is a very time-consuming task that requires a lot of energy, you should participate in this step when moving your elderly parents. It can be a team effort or you can do most of the work, depending on your parents’ age and health. Either way, the important thing is that you’re there to give them a hand. Try to keep your senior parents from lifting heavy objects and do it yourself. Also, it’s best to pack one room at a time to be more efficient and organized. Keep in mind that you can always find packing service companies if this is too big of a task.

3. Help with creating the moving budget

One of the things you can’t forget when relocating your senior parents is defining their moving budget. This is an essential step in any kind of relocation. So, if you’re the one helping them organize their move, you should give them a hand.

Person calculating the moving budget when moving senior parents
A simple way to help your parents move is by giving them a hand with defining their budget.

Write a list of all the expected moving expenses and compare it with the amount of money they have saved up. You should try and make sure they have some extra cash to cover any unexpected costs during moving. It could also be helpful to ask the senior movers for their moving estimates. This will give you an idea of how much the relocation will cost.

4. Give them a hand with cleaning and repairs

No relocation can go without thoroughly cleaning the house. So, when you’re moving your elderly loved ones, you should help them clean the house. Making the house tidy and representable can be quite tiring, so it’s best to let your parents rest while you get that done. Also, if the house is being rented or sold, you should take care of any necessary repairs. Have a look around the house and see if there’s anything that needs to be fixed. You can either do it on your own or call a local handyman to see to it.

Start the moving preparations on time when moving your senior parents

One of the things that can cause even more stress and pressure when moving your senior parents is leaving things for the last moment. When it comes to moving, procrastination is a habit you want to leave behind. It’s simply unnecessary to put even more pressure on yourself and your parents by having to rush. So, to reduce some of the moving stress, it’s best to start preparing on time. Take a few weeks to declutter, pack, and prepare the home. Hire the movers on time and make sure you’re ready for their arrival. We wish you and your parents good luck!