Guide to moving with a newborn

During every single relocation, there are certain things that make this process challenging. When it comes to relocating with a family, you need to pay extra attention to make sure everyone is handling it well. Especially when moving with a newborn, there are things you should keep in mind when organizing the move. You want to be sure the move doesn’t disrupt your baby’s sleep schedule and overall wellbeing. Of course, hiring experienced cross country movers is a great start that will give you more time to focus on your child. But what else can you do to make moving with a baby more bearable? Keep reading to find out.

Don’t do it all alone – ask for help

Moving your household is never something you should do alone. And when it comes to challenging undertakings like taking care of a baby while moving, you’ll definitely need all the help you can get. Luckily, there are a few options you could go for.

Invite friends to help you when moving with a newborn

If you don’t want to spend any money on getting assistance, you can simply ask your friends and family for help. What are friends for if not for being there for you in times of need? So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of moving with an infant, don’t shy away from asking your friends to give you a hand. This is the time to reach out and ask them for a favor.

Two people high-fiving when packing for moving with a newborn
When you’re packing and preparing for moving with a baby, you should ask your friends for help and work as a team.

Your friends could help you decide what you should get rid of, especially if you’re a bit indecisive. Other than that, they could help with packing and cleaning. Another thing your close ones can do is give you advice. Namely, if they have recently moved and they have more experience than you, they could recommend residential movers Florida to you or give you some tips and tricks. In any case, you won’t regret getting the help of your loved ones.

Hire a moving company

While getting your friends’ help is invaluable, there is another option for you. If you want to make sure things go to plan and your relocation is a big success despite having to take care of your baby, then hiring professionals is the best idea.

Because long-distance movers have the appropriate training and know-how, they’ll be able to handle your relocation the right way and minimize the chances of something going wrong. And if you choose wisely, you’ll be able to fully rely on them to execute the move to perfection. So, if relocating with a newborn is something that scares you, working with the pros is a good idea. You’ll have peace of mind when you know you’re in good hands. It will definitely reduce some of your moving stress.

Get packing services

As you know, packing is a very time-consuming task, but it’s, unfortunately, a step of your relocation that you simply can’t skip. Because this takes a lot of time, nerves and energy, doing it while looking after your baby isn’t ideal. Luckily, there is a solution! Namely, many moving companies out there offer packing services. By getting the professionals to pack your belongings, you’re doing yourself a huge favor!

Man shutting a cardboard box
A great way to spend time with your newborn and get ready for moving at the same time is by getting packing services.

You won’t have to look for all the necessary packing supplies and you’ll avoid spending days amongst boxes and all the chaos. Professional packers have the skills that enable them to properly protect your items to make sure they stay intact during transport. Also, you can count that a team of professional packers will get the job done quicker and more efficiently than you. So, if you’d like to avoid packing before relocating with a baby, invest in packing services.

Moving with a newborn – DIY version

Keep up with your routines

Creating a routine for a newborn is difficult as is. But when you add moving house on top of that, it can become pretty overwhelming. However, if you’re relocating with a baby, keeping up with your routines is very important. Make sure both you and your baby eat regularly and get enough sleep. Don’t let the move disrupt your newborn’s peace and quiet. 

Prepare for the move while the baby is sleeping

When you’re new parents, it’s hard to find free time to do pretty much anything. Well, completing a project like moving house with a newborn is quite a big ask. In order to get things done, if you’re executing a DIY move, you’ll have to strategically use your time.

A couple packing boxes
Don’t waste valuable time – pack your belongings and organize the move while your baby is sleeping.

So, we recommend making the most of your newborn’s sleep pattern. Use the hours when your newborn is asleep to handle some of the moving tasks. Gradually pack up your home, clean the house, etc. If you can, it would be good to work in shifts with your partner or other family members.

Packing the baby essentials

As you know, going anywhere with an infant requires a lot of preparation and packing of some essentials. The same goes for a relocation with your baby. So, when you’re packing, you should make sure to keep some crucial things handy. This includes diapers, bottles, breast pump, wipes, etc. Basically, make sure the things you regularly have to use when looking over your baby are at hand. This will be very convenient on moving day as you won’t have to go through numerous boxes to find these necessities. You’ll know where they are and they’ll be easy to access and use.

Designate a kid-friendly space

A good thing to consider when you’re planning relocation with a newborn is creating a sort of a safe zone. Namely, if your baby is around while you’re packing and preparing for the move, you should designate a safe and relatively quiet place for them. It’s important to figure out a way to keep your newborn away from the moving chaos.

Try to remain calm when moving with a newborn

Though moving with a newborn isn’t a walk in the park, it can be done. It’s just important to prepare well, plan the cross country move properly, and to not be afraid to ask for help. So, try to remain calm and take it one step at a time. Take it slow and look forward to finally settling into your new home.