Guide to moving to Florida for the first time

Moving to Florida for the first time might seem overwhelming and make you feel unsure for a moment. However, we will help you discover the most appealing things about the state and why people are flocking there. Moreover, we will go through some of the basic things you need to prepare when planning to move there. Relocation, in general, can be a daunting process that will take a lot of your time and patience. On the other hand, hiring moving companies in Florida can help you have a much easier relocation process. Before you start thinking about the relocation process, you should learn about the state you are moving into. This will help you settle down easier and be ready for what the state has to offer. Have you ever wondered why there are so many people wanting to move to Florida? Let us talk about that.

Things to know before moving to Florida for the first time

Should you rush with moving to Florida? Absolutely not! In fact, you should not rush your relocation regardless of where you are moving. So, what makes Florida so attractive to most people? First of all, the state of Florida is the hub of tourism in the eastern part of the North American continent. On top of that, it has a rich and fascinating history.

an aerial view of a beach as a place to visit when moving to Florida for the first time
Learn about the ins and outs the state has before deciding to move to it

Secondly, the state is highly ecologically rich, as well as diverse. This allows the residents to enjoy some of the most amazing nature sightings in the country. There is a high level of diversity in the demographics and the state heavily relies on tourism. This can only help you realize what are some of the leading employing industries in the state if you plan on moving there.

Pros of moving and living in Florida

Firstly, we will discuss some of the pros you will notice when moving to Florida. Luckily, there are a lot of different perks people can reap when living in the state. Some of the biggest perks are:

  • There is no income tax in the state
  • Housing costs are lower than the national average
  • Beautiful beaches and outdoor scenery can be found everywhere

Now, these are just some of the perks one can enjoy when moving to Florida. If your relocation to Florida will mean moving on long distances, consider hiring long distance movers Florida to help you grasp the process properly. Moreover, the no-state income tax is a great way to save some money when living there. On top of that, housing affordability will greatly help you save more money than usual. The constant sunny weather beautifies the outdoor living and activities in the area.

The cons of moving and living in Florida

Now, where there are pros, there must be cons. There is no place on this planet that will not have some issues or disadvantages while living in it. Now that we know what are some of the positives of living in the state, let us discuss the negatives of moving to Florida for the first time.

  • The state lacks mountains and valley, meaning that it is mostly flat
  • More tourists than residents of the area
  • The state of Florida has constant issues with hurricanes and humidity due to the constant hot weather
an aerial view of a coastal city in the state of Florida
Because it is such a tourist attraction, expect to bump into more tourists than residents when you are out for a walk

The lack of mountains and valleys means that there are fewer “cooling winds” in the area. Meaning that the constant hot weather might get to your head. Literally. On top of that, the state of Florida is constantly in danger of incoming hurricanes that are forming in the area. Now, these issues are not as common as you might think, yet they are also not something one should turn one head on.

How to prepare for moving to Florida for the first time

Now that you are aware of what awaits you in the state, let us talk about the relocation process. Because the process will require your utmost attention, we will go through some of the basic things to keep an eye on. This will help you tackle the issues with more ease and be ready for everything that might await you.

Declutter before you start to pack

Do you have too many items in your home? If you do, consider not taking everything with you. To declutter before the move is to create more space for other items and reduce the cost of the relocation. For instance, if you want to move your piano and hire piano movers Florida, you should expect additional charges. To balance this out, make sure you do not pay for moving items you do not want to use. Utilize this process to get rid of all items that should pose nothing but an expense during the move.

Prepare your summer clothes

Florida, or the Sunshine State, has that nickname for a reason. For about 80% of the year, living in the state means bathing in sunshine. So, do not forget to pack all of your summer clothes with you to battle the heat.

a couple packing items inside carboard boxes
As with any relocation, separate the items you will be using the most – in this case, summer clothes

More importantly, go through your wardrobe and pick out the clothes you want to take with you. The clothes you will not need can be donated or sold online.

Find your perfect home before starting to move

Moving to Florida for the first time will be as good as you prepare for it. This includes finding the perfect home to live in. Now, whether this means you are going to rent or buy a home – devote time for the search. Check out all of the options you have and decide which one is the best for you. Buying a home is a good idea in the long run. However, if you are uncertain about your future, renting should do the trick. After all, the housing affordability in the area will surely come in handy.