Guide for shipping furniture cross-country

Are you moving and you are worried about how you will be shipping furniture cross-country? First of all, take a deep breath and we will help you with the rest. Even though it may seem stressful to move to another country, it really does not have to be. Just follow this guide and take your time with making decisions, and everything will fall in its place.

Start planning on time

When moving cross-country planning in advance will be your greatest virtue. Start planning at least 8 weeks prior to the actual move and reduce stress and anxiety levels easily. Although two months can sound like a lot, remember that time flies, and soon it will be time for you to board on that plane and really fly away. What does planning even mean when it comes to moving? Well, making a moving checklist, an inventory list,  downsizing and hiring the right company are the priorities that you should really focus on. We will explain these segments in detail below.

a living room with a couch and three pillows on it, a coffee table and a lamp
Shipping furniture cross-country is best planned ahead of time, as you do not want to risk hiring an inadequate moving company or ending up paying much more for the furniture that cannot fit into your new home. Plan carefully and on time.


Before you make the call to the moving company and hiring them, it is vital that you see which pieces of furniture will you be moving. Shipping furniture cross-country will be a piece of cake when you know that you are taking only the truly necessary pieces of it with you.

How will you decide what items should not be moved to your future house?

  • Transporting old furniture will not pay off, it is cheaper to buy a new one in the destination country rather than shipping them and after a couple of months buying a replacement for them
  • Search for the price of the item that you want to ship and then see whether it pays off to ship a piece of furniture rather than buying a new one
  • Broken pieces of furniture will just take up a lot of space and are unnecessary
  • Measure the furniture and calculate whether the items will fit in your new home. It would be a waste to ship your bed, for example, only to realize that it is too big for your new bedroom. Avoid these mistakes and stress that goes along with it and measure your furniture on time.

What should you do with the items that you do not want to move to your new house?

You can sell it, and this is the best solution there is. You can have a garage sale or sell your furniture online. Moving across the country means that you have a lot of costs and it certainly would not hurt to make a few hundred bucks more. Sell your furniture online and use the money to pay for the cost of shipping furniture cross-country, but the furniture you truly need.

a garage sale sign on a red chair in a backyard
Have a garage sale or sell the furniture that will not fit into your new home and earn some money along with it.

Make an inventory list

Once you have decided what items you will ship, make an inventory list. The inventory list should encompass each and every item that you are planning to move. This will not take you a lot of time, and it is extremely useful when it comes to shipping furniture cross-country. You will be able to explain what you want to your movers as well once you have the inventory list, and also you will get a moving estimate price so that you know how to fit this in your budget.

Choose the right moving company for shipping furniture cross-country

When you start on time, you will have a wide variety of choice when it comes to choosing a moving company. Your moving company should be reliable, as shipping furniture cross-country is definitely not a job for amateurs nor it is the time to explore and hope for the best. You should expect professional assistance and receive the best possible care for your furniture. 

Compare the moving companies

Compare moving companies and get the best moving rates for shipping furniture cross-country. It will not take you a lot of time if you start searching for the right company on time. This will save you money because of the fact that you have a choice and you should make the best one for your furniture. Compare up to five moving companies and choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. Also, bear in mind that if the moving company offers you a very low price for shipping your furniture, this may be a sign of online fraud.

people shaking hands when closing an agreement
Before you hire a moving company, always compare the prices of a few moving companies so that you can get the best service for a reasonable price.

Choose off-peak dates for shipping

Most people will make the move in spring or summer, however, if you have an option choose the time that not in the peak season. Weekends can be counted as well, and also the very beginning and the end of the month. If you move your items in autumn or winter and during the week you will save a lot of money. This is just one out of many moving tips that will help you make the move easier.

The shipping method should fit your needs

Finally, choose the shipping method that is most suitable for shipping furniture cross-country. You have two options here, you can ship your items by plane or by ship. If you don`t mind your furniture arriving after you, or before you, the ship is a good option. The fastest option and a slightly more expensive one is by plane. If you choose to ship by plane then you will know the exact date when your furniture will arrive. Good luck!