Green moving tips

One does not associate moving with an eco-friendly process. 30 % of all greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation and since moving requires a lot of driving, no wonder it’s not considered Earth friendly. On top of that, if you are not careful, moving can accumulate a lot of waste. In the form of trash, and the usage of materials that emit greenhouse gas. That’s why we have compiled a list of Green moving tips that will help you make your move, as earth-friendly as possible! 

Green moving tips
By burning fuel, we are polluting the air with nitrous oxide and particulates which in turn gives rise to carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming.

Tip #1: Boxes

We come in contact with boxes almost on a daily basis. Most of our items come from cardboard boxes. From online packaging to cereal. That’s why instead of buying new boxes, just store up the ones you already have. That way when it comes the time to move, you can just use them. Just store them somewhere out of sight, such as a larder or under the bed. This will save you cash in the long run as well!

However, let’s say you didn’t do your due diligence and forgot to save up on your cardboard boxes. What then? Don’t fret! Most likely your friends and family members have stored up on boxes so you can ask them. Or, you can go on a cardboard box hunt and go from store to store and see if anyone is willing to give out a few spare boxes. Also, since we live in the day and age of the internet – ask around on social media. Most people have boxes lying around in their household and are willing to give them out for free!

Cardboard recycling is the reprocessing and reuse of thick sheets or stiff multilayered papers
Recycling cardboard boxes saves money on the cost of waste disposal.

Green moving tip #2: Packing materials

While cardboard boxes can be recycled, packing materials, on the other hand, cannot. Most of the packing materials are made out of plastic, and not all plastic material is recyclable. That’s why a lot of it ends up in a landfill. 

Before you buy the packing materials you need there are some items that you might already have that can be used in the moving. Items such as, towels, newspaper, and old clothes – are all excellent materials that you can use to wrap your belongings with. Also, some of these items can be used twofold. For example, you can use your towel to pack fragile items when moving. However, you can also use these items to fill up the box so your belongings don’t clank around during the actual move.

The rest of the materials that you need, you might want to ask your friends before you buy them. This way you do not only save the environment but also skimp out on having to buy items and save cash that way.

Moving tip #3: Packing in general

While on the topic of packing, there is something we would like to underline. You might be able to skimp on the need for boxes, by using containers that you already have. Items such as, suitcases that you won’t use during the move, gym bags, plastic containers, etc. The general idea is that you want to find anything that can serve as a placeholder and pack items in it.

  • protip – it’s not always the case of finding more containers that can serve as placeholders. Sometimes, it’s of equal if not more important in the way how you pack your things. Since by, smartly organizing your stuff in the box, you save up space.

Tip #4: Donate!

Moving serves as a perfect occasion to declutter and throw away things that you do not need. There are a couple of methods you can use, but the general idea is to throw away things that you have no use of, and that serves no purpose. In that regard, you can either, repurpose them or throw them away. Regarding the latter, you can organize the stuff you don’t need to into several piles. By either placing them in the “trash” “donate” or “recycle” pile accordingly. Keep in mind that your trash pile should have as little items as possible. You only want to throw away absolutely the things you cannot donate because people have no use for them, or cannot be recycled.

Moving tip #5: don’t waste gas

When moving day comes, try to be the most efficient with your gas. Meaning that you should make the most out of your tips. Hire a renting truck, and pack heavily. The fewer trips you need to make, the merrier. However, this does not apply to senior movers since their transportation needs will be taken care of by the moving company. So the general idea is to plan ahead and to pack heavily. Make sure to save up on space by smartly organizing your stuff inside the actual boxes. This way you will have more space in the truck once you start moving.

Another great green moving tip is to try to skimp on gas as much as possible.
Planning your routes and items you are going to carry can drastically reduce the price of gas you will need since you won’t be making multiple runs.

In conclusion – what is the best green moving tip?

It doesn’t matter if you are hiring piano movers FL to do the job for you, you always need to be mindful of the environment. The effect your behavior has on it, to be more precise. That’s why you want to try and skimp on buying all the items you need, and rather try to use the items you already have at your disposal. If you do not have such items, contacting friends and family members is always a smart idea. Since they most likely have cardboard boxes and the supplies you will need.

Hopefully, you found these green moving tips useful, and will, in turn, make use of them. Keeping in mind that global warming is a real thing, change is necessary. And it all starts with the small things. It all starts with you. So what are you waiting for? Make our planet healthy again!