Fun things to do in Delray Beach during the winter

Moving during the winter comes with quite a few challenges. However, it doesn’t have to be all bad. If you’re struggling with the prospect of a winter move, something that can help you is finding things to look forward to. Planning out your days after the move will make looking for Florida movers and packing boxes much more bearable. Luckily, winters in Florida don’t necessarily mean freezing and not leaving the house. So, if you’re moving to Delray Beach in the winter, you’ll have plenty of things to do. To give you a few ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some fun things to do in Delray Beach during the winter and relax after your relocation. We’re sure you can find something that piques your interest and have some well-deserved fun. So, here are some things you can look forward to after moving to Delray Beach.

Indoor things to do in Delray Beach during the winter

Museums to visit in Delray Beach

If you enjoy paying a visit to museums and uplifting yourself culturally, then we have some recommendations for you. On the occasional rainy or cold day, you can go to a museum, and soak up some history, art, and culture. Here are a few suggestions about the places to visit in Delray Beach during the winter.

Busts in a museum
If you like history and culture, then one of the things you can do in Delray Beach this winter is to visit a museum or two.
  • Cornell Art Museum is a great choice! This winter, you can visit this museum to experience a winter wonderland and enjoy some immersive installations. Contemporary artwork by internationally known artists is displayed for all of you who love modern art.
  • Visit the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens if you’re interested in Japanese art and culture. There are several exhibitions that showcase different aspects of the rich Japanese culture and also many wonderful art pieces. There are also six gardens inspired by Japanese ones and they serve as an extension of the museum. So, you get a very well-rounded experience.
  • The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum is a great place to visit and get to know African diaspore and culture. This museum of African-American history even offers a monthly Ride & Remember city tour that gives you the chance to get to know Delray Beach in a very unique way. You’ll get a very interactive, personal experience and hear fascinating stories about the history and development of Delray Beach.

So, if you’re itching to learn more about Florida and your new home after your long distance movers Delray Beach unload your moving truck, you’ll have plenty of chances to do so. You can really immerse yourself in different cultures and histories this winter and expand your knowledge.

Galleries in Delray Beach

If you’re not super interested in history, but you do enjoy a walk through a gallery full of amazing art, we’ve got you covered. Among the things to do in Delray Beach in the winter, visiting galleries is yet another great option.

An art gallery
Visiting an art gallery is always a good time to spend a day off and get to know your new city.
  • The Heart of Delray Beach: a colorful gallery representing over 90 talented artists. You can find contemporary art, abstract paintings, sculptures, photography, and satisfy your art-loving heart.
  • Chase Edwards Contemporary doesn’t only exist in NY, but you can also find it in Delray Beach. The gallery is home to a plethora of artists, from local to international ones. Art enthusiasts are guaranteed to enjoy themselves here.
  • Blue Gallery¬†is the place to visit if you’re a fan of beautiful, colorful art pieces. You can find a lot of artists’ work here, so there must be something to your taste.

Wining and dining

In case you’re not so interested in museums and galleries, but you prefer going out for a bite to eat, don’t worry. We didn’t forget about you. Some of the fun things to do in Delray Beach during the winter definitely include going for a meal or a drink. So, here’s what we suggest.

  • Saltwater Brewery is a must-visit place for beer lovers. If you enjoy craft beer that’s completely natural and locally made, this will be your heaven. You can even get a tour of the brewery and see how these fine brews are made.
  • City Oyster & Sushi Bar is the place to go if you enjoy seafood and sushi.
  • Le Sorelle Restaurant is perfect for those of you who love to indulge in delicious Italian food.

Outdoor activities

If you don’t like being cooped up inside and you want to spend your time outdoors, we’ve got your back. There are great things to do in Delray Beach that include being outside. Here are some great options.

Delray Beach offers plenty of things to do during the winter
If you’re an outdoors lover, you’ll have plenty of choices in Delray Beach.
  • Strolling down Atlantic Avenue. The Avenue is located in the heart of downtown Delray Beach and it’s a place where you can shop until you drop and then go for a delicious meal. It’s pedestrian-friendly, so you can enjoy the fresh air and walk around this charming area.
  • Family fun at Delray Municipal Beach. This is the perfect spot for a picnic and enjoying the great outdoors. Take your family or friends here for a day of beach fun.
  • Putt’n Around is the ideal place for golf lovers in Delray Beach. This is a mini-golf course and a sports bar where you can have fun with your friends. During December, it’s even decorated and very festive, so you’ll get an even better experience than usual.

There’s something for everyone

As you can tell, Delray Beach has a lot to offer. From art exhibitions to sports, you can find practically everything here. Whatever your favorite pastimes and hobbies are, you can surely find some fun things to do in Delray Beach during the winter and enjoy your free time. That’s why we’re sure you won’t regret it if you call interstate movers today and decide to start the next chapter of your life here. Have fun!