Five tips to avoid injuries on moving day

Relocating home is not easy at all. As a matter of fact, it is a hard, complicated, costly, time-consuming, and sometimes dangerous process. You should organize like a pro, find adequate long distance movers Florida, and pack on time if you want to conduct safe relocation. So, today we will help with a few tips and tricks on how to avoid injuries on moving day. Let’s prepare and make your relocation much safer.

Prepare your relocation plan to avoid injuries on moving day

To avoid injuries when relocating you must have a flawless relocation plan. Ok, you will inspect all your items and furniture in order to organize packing supplies. But the most important thing is to take care of the environment. Inspect your attic, basement, garage, and all other rooms inside your home. Be mindful of staircases, narrow corridors, floors, doors, etc. Everything should be in the right order and obstacle-free if you want to conduct a safe relocation. Once you inspect everything, provide this info to your movers so they can organize better.

a woman creating a plan to avoid injuries on moving day
Inspect your home before packing and ensure it is a safe place to work in.

Let professionals do it for you

The easiest way to avoid injuries on relocation day is not to participate at all. Of course, we think about the lifting and hauling process. Simply call one of the long distance movers Delray Beach and let them cover this task for you. Movers have all the knowledge, tools, and experience to do so. Just search the internet, compare prices, and read reviews. After an hour, you will have a match. Make sure your movers are licensed before you hire them. Once you decide on the moving company, share your moving plan with them and make sure there are no loose ends.

Moreover, if you have any special items like a king-sized bed or a piano, you should hire an adequate moving team. In such a situation, piano movers Florida would be the best solution for you. Just communicate with your movers in advance and inform them about all hard-to-handle items you possess. Then, they will advise what kind of moving service you need and which moving team should be assigned.

Prepare mentally and physically to avoid injuries on moving day

At least two weeks before the move, you should start exercising. We are aware you might have no time to do it. But you will benefit greatly if you do so. Three days a week and you are good to go. Also, you should eat better, sleep more, and take short breaks to avoid mental exhaustion. The best way to combine those two is to do yoga or hit the gym. Although, if you do not feel like doing it, remember, that you have your Cross Country Moving Group ready to do everything instead of you. Just give them a call and sort everything out.

Dress for the occasion

Ankle twisting, beaten toes, cuts, back injuries, and bruises. All those injuries can happen easily if you are not dressed appropriately. Hence, you must prepare the right equipment and clothing to protect yourself. Check out the following:

  • Protective gloves.
  • Sunhat in case of extreme heat.
  • Long sleeves.
  • Long pants.
  • Steel toe boots or duty work boots.
Steel toe boots
Use steel-toe boots or duty boots to protect your feet.

Use brighter materials to reflect sun rays and light fabric to prevent heavy sweating. And be mindful of your long sleeves. Even though they protect your skin, you can attach items while moving and make a mess. But this can’t happen if there are no items protruding from the boxes. Hence, mend this situation upfront.

Know your limits and be careful how you lift heavy items

As you may know, back injuries are common when relocating. You must protect your back while moving by using proper lifting techniques. You have probably heard you must lift with your legs instead of your back. So, spread your legs, widen your shoulders, squat, and pick up a box. If you are not sure how to do it, ask your movers to do it instead or let them teach you how to assist. It is a two-step process and they can teach you in 5 minutes. Although, you must know your limits as well. Even if you know how to lift, some items are heavy and you must skip them if you are not strong enough. Also, do not attempt to move furniture by yourself. You have your movers with you after all.

Now you know how to avoid injuries on moving day. As long as you hire the right moving team, get enough rest, and watch what you lift, you should be just fine. Good luck and stay safe.