Documents you will need to transport your vehicle

Shipping or transporting your car may demand several different documents from your side. As this process might require a couple of steps to take, we suggest hiring auto transport Florida to help you with all the questions you have regarding this move. Moreover, knowing what documents you will need to transport your vehicle in advance will save you a lot of stress in the future. Failing to comply or deliver these documents might cause a delay in your transport or create additional fees. Now, depending on where you want to ship your vehicle you will need different documents. Luckily, in this article, we will share what documents one might need when doing such a task.

Documents you will need to transport your vehicle

Moving your car, both interstate or overseas will require documents from your side in order to make this process smooth and legitimate. There is more to this than simply finding an auto transport company and booking a date for transportation. Not having proper documents can seriously slow down the process of moving your car. Now, this can induce even more stress if you are moving at the same time. For instance, you hire cross country movers to help you relocate, but you cannot get out of state due to the shortage of adequate documents. This is exactly the situation you want to avoid. So, why do you need all those documents?

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • They can help you get insurance for your vehicle
  • It is required to leave the state/country
  • You must confirm your identity as the owner of the vehicle
a man sitting in the back of a car looking at some of the documents you will need to transport your vehicle
Gather all the documentation you need a couple of days before the move so you can make sure everything is okay

Now, these are some of the main reasons why you would want to have all the documents. Make sure you start preparing in advance, so you do not experience any delays.

Moving vehicles inside the borders of one’s country

The first thing we need to realize is that shipping your vehicle overseas and transporting it within your country are two different things. They will often require different documents. Normally, shipping your vehicle overseas must require more documents. Make sure you finish everything before you plan to move. Do your research and learn what you need to do to avoid common auto transport misconceptions.

Car insurance

Now, you do not quite need to have car insurance for yourself. However, the company that is transporting your vehicle does. Because insurance coverage amounts might vary, you want to check if the transport company is adequately insured. More importantly, when signing an insurance deal with the transporter, make sure you read everything before signing.

one person offering a pen to another person in order for her to sign an insurance policy
An insurance policy is the best way to secure the longevity and condition of your vehicle during transport

Moreover, you do not need to give the original insurance document. You can rather give a copy of it. Of course, you should make sure that the copy is in good shape and visible in order to avoid issues.

Original registration and title

If you have a lien on a vehicle you will require a letter from the bank to authorize the transport and confirm that that is your vehicle. Namely, a lien is a document that protects the lender until the buyer of a vehicle pays off their car. In other words, when you get a loan for a vehicle, your bank will issue a lien on it to make sure you pay it off. Therefore, if you took a loan to buy a vehicle you will need proof from your bank.

Documents you will need to transport your vehicle – Personal identification

This is something you probably always have near you. Namely, an unexpired driver’s license or unexpired passport from your country of origin is always needed. These documents have the purpose of identifying the person transporting the vehicle and helps determine whether or not the person actually owns the vehicle. Note that if you are transporting a car that is not in your name, you should obtain a notarized letter from the person owning the vehicle stating their name and VIN number of the vehicle.

Shipping your vehicle overseas

Documents you will need to transport your vehicle overseas are almost the same as when transporting inside the borders of a country. However, because this is not an international relocation you might need some extra documents.

a birdseye view of a ship loading containers onto it at the dock
Shipping your vehicle overseas will require some additional documents

This is mostly due to the fact that you are shipping into a different country, with different regulations and requirements. That is why we suggest always keeping all of your vehicle documentation close to you and in the same place.

Bill of lading

Bill of lading is one of the most important documents when shipping a vehicle. This bill serves as proof of delivery and documents the vehicle condition during pick up. This bill is also important because it detects the state your car was in during pickup. If your car suffers damage during transport and you do not have the document – the insurance company will not be able to cover the damage.

Bank certification in case your car is on a lease

If your car is on a lease or you took a loan to purchase it you will need notarized consent from the bank about the shipment of your car. Moreover, you will need documents about paying the state taxes when purchasing the vehicle. Because your bank will most likely be your lienholder you will also need to get authorization about the transport. This will be a requirement if you are still paying for your car while transporting it.

Vehicle and ownership documentation

Logically, you will also need some basic vehicle and ownership documentation to confirm that is your vehicle. Vehicle documentation must include the name of the vehicle, the year it was made, the VIN number, the model, and the estimated value of the vehicle. The vehicle title is also one of the documents you will need to transport your vehicle. Namely, this document acts as vehicle identification, as well as proof of ownership over the vehicle.