Curious facts about New York to Miami relocation

New York to Miami relocation has become a very popular idea. Many New Yorkers are moving to Miami since it has a lot of perks above New York. Maybe you just got tired of snow, but maybe it is about Florida’s great tax benefits and booming tech and financial industries. Although the majority of New Yorkers have a certain “New York appreciation cult”, Miami has that homelike vibe. Plus, there are really a lot of New Yorkers in Miami. So, when you decide to make the first step and start your moving process do a little bit of research about Florida movers first and choose the most suitable company for your needs.  Some things are essential in helping you adapt, and yet some of them are pure pleasure only. Anyone is different, and Florida really has a variety of things to offer.

New York to Miami relocation – the most attractive reasons to move

Every person is different. Some like sunny weather, some like smell of rain in the morning. However, most people in some period of life really love to spend a lot of time “under the sun”. Sunny weather in general gives you positive energy and certain everyday motivation. Still, Miami is not just sunny weather. Miami also represents an easier, more chill way of life. In addition, there are a lot of tax benefits, overall financial gain, etc. Moving to Florida can be a great decision for you and your family, and here are a couple of main reasons why people move from New York to Miami:

  • major tax breaks
  • same vivid city vibe and lower costs of living
  • architecture, fit lifestyle and cultural diversity
  • climate and “no pressure” vibe
Buildings near the beach
New York to Miami relocation can be a really pleasant experience due to sunny weather and beautiful sandy beaches

Major tax breaks are almost always the main reason why people opt for New York to Miami relocation

Florida is in the top 10 best business tax climates in the States. Miami does not have estate taxes, state income taxes, or capital gain taxes. Therefore,  working and owning real estate in Miami offers you more investment profit than in NYC. The easiest thing is to explain by using an example. So, we have a manager reporting $1M in income. In Miami, that manager will pay only the federal government. While in New York will fork over an extra for about 100 000 dollars. Also, according to a recent study by Crain’s New York, ” a New Yorker who makes $10 million a year and has a $10 million home would save almost $1.2 million in taxes by relocating to Florida”. Meaning, a person relocating to Miami will have the luxury, amenities, and other things necessary to enjoy your place ” under the Miami sun”.

A man smoking in a vintage car
Enjoy low taxes in Florida

Same vivid city vibe and lower costs of living

Miami real estate is way cheaper than New York City. Basically, you get more square footage for your money whether you choose to rent or buy. The fun fact is that for the price of a one-room studio in Manhattan, you can enjoy an enormous apartment with a balcony and mesmerizing ocean view. The most important thing for drivers though, almost every condo has guaranteed parking space. Speaking of, if you have troubles moving your car to Florida, just go online and type auto transport Florida and you will find the professionals who will take care of it in no time. In terms of a city vibe, Miami’s restaurant scene has become so dynamic that some restaurants are opening there first and NYC later. Tropical culture is vibrant and energetic. There are tons of artsy Latinx places, alternative diverse subcultures. You will learn Spanish in no time.

Architecture, fit lifestyle, and cultural diversity

Miami is mostly Art Deco. Also, there are some architectural masterpieces in Miami designed by some of the world’s most acclaimed starchitects. We have OMA/Rem Koolhaas’s Park Grove condo towers in Coconut Grove for example. Of course with all of the sunshine, beaches, and good vibes come certain feelings that you have to be fit and to fit into this feel-good culture. So, in case all this info makes you go “viva la Vida local” please go online and find some of the best long distance movers Miami to help you with your journey of a lifetime. In addition, Miami’s diversity is really huge. That is why we have all sorts of ethnic foods such as the Cuban sandwich, all varieties of empanadas, and ceviche, etc. Miami is a majority Latino city.

Young people having drinks on a beach
Laid back lifestyle is one of the biggest advantages of Florida

Sunny weather, sunny vibes

You can expect as many as 300 days a year of sunshine. When we compare NY air quality with Miami’s, Miami is definitely a winner. Due to fresh ocean breezes and tropical storms that clean all debris and pollution, Miami’s quality of air is fantastic. It also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the continental part of the States. If you are into outdoor activities you can try a lot of things. Make sure to try out kiteboarding, fishing, parasailing, etc. In case you have brought your scuba diving equipment with you, feel free to take them out of the storage units in Florida, and embrace the adventure. Life in Miami is by far less stressful than living in NY. The pressure to succeed is lower since a lot of people here are successful and they are creating new opportunities for themselves on a daily basis.

The overall impression is that moving from New York to Miami is really going to be a refreshing experience. It does not have to be difficult and challenging if you hire a great moving company. If you hire someone reliable, you will save a lot of nerves, time, and money. In the beginning, you will miss the chaotic pace of NYC. However, in time you will adjust to Miami’s laid-back lifestyle. Still, you will find plenty of exciting big city activities. Miami will definitely charm you. Since it has a lot of colorful neighborhoods, ethnic diversity, and a broad spectrum of arts and subcultures. You will definitely have no regrets!